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Dosage to sprout seeds in using %50 Hydrogen peroxide

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Oxyplus is an incredibly useful product for the grower to have on hand at all times. It is a useful way of adding fresh oxygen to a nutrient solution. At room temperature, a nutrient solution is lucky to have 10 ppm of dissolved oxygen, which can be rapidly depleted by active roots and unless the oxygen is replaced the roots will be growing in a low oxygen environment and their performance will suffer as a consequence.


Oxyplus is also a sanitising agent. If added to the nutrient solution on a regular basis it will combat diseases like Pythium, probably the main root disease found in hydroponic systems.


The active ingredient in Oxyplus is 50% hydrogen peroxide, so great care is needed when handling this product. Gloves and eye protection is strongly recommended.





This is what I have mate,

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I use 3% H202 for germing seeds, but not like that.  I use it straight, and soak the seeds in it for 30-60 minutes, then take them out and put them into water with 1% Fulvic for 12hrs.  I only use the H202 to kill off any pathogens on the outside of the seeds.


I'm with Cardrona, there's a lot of unnecessary bullshit products out there.

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