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Nute burn hard

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no ...it's only the leaves.... which will yellow soon anyway .....just go easy on your nutrients...read the label and measure correctly.....more doesnt always ....mean more


just give it some seasol once and keep going ......you wont see much change at this stage anyway 

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Can't undo the damage, I know from experience, just keep going till they are ready to harvest. May slow you down a bit but no need to chop them early. Check your pH (calibration too) and your EC and now that you're close to finish you can back off the nutes a bit, at most ~1.5EC I think. Good luck with the last few weeks.

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Nah, you can ride it out until ready.  But, be aware that if the little bud leaves start dying off you'll have a bitch of a time trimming all the dead bits out, and if you don't want your bud to taste like shit you'll have to trim it all out.  I've done it before and I'll do it again rather than have immature smoke, but it ain't no fun.

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