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Indica or Sativa?

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I would lean towards a hybrid .....mainly sativa...prob nth lights or jack herer/ haze origins

Does it taste hashy or other ...citrus,berry,mango's...etc

Describe the high ...sleepy....awake.....lazy /energetic and how long does it last.

There is such a blur between the varieties now from 30 years ago now that anyone that states this is

a sativa or this is an indica is pretty much bluffing themselves..

Describing something based on looks these days is impossible ...I can cure the same flower two different

ways and I can make either flower look sat or indica just by trimming or reducing the trimming based on looks to people who

dont know what they are looking at.

All if not all most...of the sativa's in the last 30 years have been fattened up by afghani or indica or skunk at some point.

And most stuff purchased in OZ isn't the same herb that originally was here prior to the introduction of hydro in the 80's most off the

cuts are taken from seed purchased overseas ...all though many still hold on to old

lines....but you dont get that

thats for us old fellas ...chuckle chuckle;)

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There also was a botany recall stating we have all been calling them the wrong names the whole time as well



Sativa/ Indica – High THC

Indica /Afghanica – More Balanced THC:CBD Ratio

Ruderalis/ Sativa – Industrial Use / Very Low



which is silly to confuse everyone now with..

You used to be able to tell by leaves alone and growth habit

and still can but the new hybrids and all the pheno traits they express make you need to observe them more.

They vary I can grow a plant that looks sativa but actually in flower produces more indica traits ...and vica versa ,...



So what do we call it ?

Your better off to call it a hybrid ...and dominant in one side ...

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The whole industry needs a re write

The biggest example is the Kush

Everything is kush this and kush that .

The only actual kush comes from the hindu region in

landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan

and North-Western India with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range

That is the only real kush ...yet it has changed to be a label for good herb and has been added

onto the end of everything

Cannabis ideology needs a re write

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