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Help please with lights

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Hello everyone I'm new and on my 4th grow I'm upgrading from a 400w to a 600w hid and I was wondering how would I place them in a grow room for flowering both cool tube should I go side by side or length ways I have every thing I need just don't know how to place them


Thank you

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Depends what shape your room is and what cool tubes your talking about there are a few kinds, if your talking about the most basic model basically the glass tube with inner and tiny outer reflector they are the poorest design the reflection is really poor


if u spend a little more u can get ones with external reflectors or the glass tubes run thru the reflector i have never used this type but i would say they are much better than the original design


than there are air cooled reflectors


i would chose either the second or third mentioned above but the air cooled reflectors need a better fan than the glass cool tubes or they don't work as good


previously i have ran 2 inline as any bends in the ducting reduce the volume of air being moved thru the glass tubes but it depends on how your set up

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