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Boveda questions

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How long do they last Carnage? I saw a youtube about reactivating, tried it?


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been using the big ones for a while , have seen the same vid but haven't tried it 


what i will say is i think if you re-use them with diff strains , B4 any reactivation

it can change the smell , only slightly i've started to notice , boveda's , & there's another on the market now ,

breath so to speak so it's possible terps are sucked in & spat out  , quantity in the jar could make a diff to how noticeable it is

like using the big pack with allot smaller amount than suggested 


i found the paks i got from Aust Vap were not individually wrapped & came already a lil crystally in the corners , about 10-12 mths ago 


Integra humidipaks https://www.integra-products.com/ never used just seen them about the place 

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Thanks itchy, mine from AV were individually wrapped. They must have got packing sorted. the price isn't huge so i probably would just get new.


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no worries AS


not a major issue , if you put a big used boveda in with 10oz there's no diff in smell 

but if when the 10oz jar is empty & you put that boveda in with 2oz of something else  

that's when you might notice a change in the 2oz


i noticed the integra is not a salt based pack & claim no smell change 

haven't seen them here in oz though 


also if you use tobacco to mix or roll but are not a ciggy smoker 

you might find the ciggy's dry out in the pack after opening &

sit on the bottom of your mix as tobacco dust = Yuck 


have a ciggy's jar with a boveda in it to stop the drying & keep fresher

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