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Queeny,s choc chip canna cookies

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Ok so I haven't made any cookies for about 2years,the last batch I made was for a dear friend of mine,miss ya tommy,who sadly passed away from melanoma cancer that had spread to his brain,he loved my cookies and I sure wish he could have seen me yesterday because this is what happened,I started making the canna butter Tuesday and yesterday after going through the straining process I was up to pouring my butter and water mixture out into a few bowls when I spilt a little on the bench,oops so thought i can fix this so I grabbed couple of pieces of bread as i didn't want to waste any,I soaked it all up into the bread and ate the two pieces that we're absolutely soaked with warm butter,it tasted so good but it turned out it was a big MISTAKE lol,40minutes later I was off my face and an hour after that well the closest thing I can compare it to was like having a bad trip,a very very bad trip,I've seen a lot people white out over the years and I've always been like its just pot snap out of it and I can safely say I have a new found compassion for anyone who's having a white out because after 2hours of the giggles my body started to hurt from laughing and that's when I started to panic,spent the next 8hours in total disorientation and panic unable to do even the easiest of tasks,I even had myself convinced that I was having a heart attack and that I had to go to the hospital and then it happened I had the biggest white out ever lol I spewed and spewed and i went a colour that was similar to the colour of the canna butter and that was the end my day people I passed out and slept like I was in a coma ,so I never did get to making the cookies but I'll post a few pics later of my cooked cookies and I'll be very cautious about how much I eat lol here's a few pics of the butter,has anyone else over dosed on pot?,that was a first for mepost-60506-149145705952_thumb.jpegpost-60506-149145707293_thumb.jpegpost-60506-149145708234_thumb.jpegpost-60506-149145709553_thumb.jpegpost-60506-149145711481_thumb.jpegpost-60506-149145717813_thumb.jpegpost-60506-14914571996_thumb.jpegpost-60506-149145721752_thumb.jpegpost-60506-149145723195_thumb.jpeg
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That is soo funny GREENQUEEN!!  thanks for the laugh. :rofl:


I have done a similar thing and ended up in bed in a semi sleep-conscious dream state for about 6 hrs.  I do recall getting a bit panicky, but fortunately my rational brain kicked in and I new I was just absolutely toasted and nobody had ever had any serious side effects from having to much weed in one sitting!!  To bad if you have something to do, it'll have to wait!!  :sweat:  :bad: :lazy:


And now at least you can let hubby know what to expect when he starts consuming 1g of hash a day for the next 90 days.


Those cookies look awesome mate, scary, but awesome  lol

:give_rose: :give_rose:

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