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Mould , Rot or Spider Mights .?

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Hey folks ,


I was feeding my outdoor indica that is about 3 weeks into flower and noticed a very small amount of this cotton wool textured anomalie on one of the buds .


I did some research on the net but couldn't find any solid articles . It almost looks like a very very fine piece of Spider web do Spider mites lay webs ?


I should also mention that I saw a couple of small spiders that were almost transparent in coulor hopefully this helps with a diagnosis .


Cheers .post-60027-149016885545_thumb.jpgpost-60027-149016886066_thumb.jpg

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No leaves together but the web looked like it was on the bud and stem

could very well be spider mite mate can you see spider mite damage markings on any leaves 


just looks allot like pillars web to me , if you can pull on the webbing it should stick together mostly & come off as one if it's pillars 

do you see any little moths / white butterfly's around your plant or area & did you notice the web stuff after rain , pillars get more active after rain

not sure about SM's , i know they are more active with higher temps which we've had  

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