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Purple tops ?

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Hey guys the sativa/indica hybrid that has taken abit of abuse so far unfortunately, has shown odd pistil colouring only on half the tops and there starting to turn purple im clueless honestly why ? half the good tops are all green with white hairs then these half of the tops that got abit sun damaged and i had a nitrogen deficiency that i have started treating a week ago has left me with purple tops and i have 5 tops that a dead from heat so can anyone maybe help with this? Please ps last picture is a good looking top to compare colours etc








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I have been for about a week very diluted and it seems to have made a big difference leaves arent dropping rapidily and new leaves have grown but i didnt feed the one i cut recently or the one thats 7.5 weeks into flowering right now i started them all in slow release fertilising potting mix i know everyone frowns at it but i got good results from it so i dont see how its so bad
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I'm not a potting mix guy but i have never heard of a potting mix containing food for 8 months? was the potting mix possibly for roses or something like that, that flower annually?


different plants will have different food requirements unless they are clones from the same mother plant so u need to treat them differently


try adding a liquid fertalizer at 1/4th strength and see if the colour some back of course any dead leaf wont revive it's self

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