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How's she looking!

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Hello everyone, wanting to know how my plant is looking coming on to the 5th week of flower I think. Had troubles early on but I think she's looking pretty good minus a few yellow leavespost-59810-148913017361_thumb.jpgpost-59810-148913021208_thumb.jpgpost-59810-148913024109_thumb.jpgpost-59810-148913027648_thumb.jpgpost-59810-148913030576_thumb.jpg

Also got some white dots on some leaves, sort of happened over night I'm guessing it's spider mites so sprayed some neem on it

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Nice. I'm doing my first grow this season, so Im hardly an expert on MJ, but with most other plants in tubs the yellow leaves generally mean the plant got a bit dry, needs a bigger pot, or is a little low on nutrients. Contrary to most advice, I prefer to overwater a little rather than underwater at this time of year.

I got a single CG in a pot 40cm diameter, 36cm deep. All bright green. Very impressed. Plant is 1.2m tall and is growing at least 2 inches a day. Used Scotts mix from Bunnings. Mine's got a few of them white spots on the leaves too. Nothing to worry about, likely just an insect stopped for a bite. I have a resident praying mantis lives amongst the foliage, and he eats most other insects that come along.

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Those low down leaves turning yellow is perfectly normal, just the plant shedding leaves that have outlived there usefulness.  Plant does look a little pale overall, so could probably do with a bit more nutrition, though some sativa's in particular are naturally a bit of a paler green.


As for the spots, could be nothing, could be a few things, so just keep an eye on it, and an eye out for insects on your plants.

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