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Fluoride , THE TRUTH ABOUT WATER , Documentary

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Was hoping for a quick video ,but this was eye opening so I watched the lot ,and glad I did ,


It's another BIG thing that's kept out of the limelight..


Everyone should watch this .


Well done Itchy.

i was the same as you 

can i be bothered watching , & yeah , glad i did 2 

should send Ms Hanson the link , she seems to be looking for causes !

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Just finished this. My kids drink water all fucking day. But then it looks like it doesn't matter what you eat or drink... Thanks itchybro that was a good watch

not that i'm a fan but there are countries that sell bottled water without fluoride , 

evian ( France ) comes to mind but never looked on the bottle , will now though 


if buying the only thing to be careful of is , some will sell a brand name to an Oz Co to manufacture here

& where in general is the water bottled your buying 


i've been getting 15lt bottled water for some time now , mainly cos pipes are old but had never check fluoride 

& have always been looking for ways to get it out of the water i feed plants , so i got an RO system to feed 

the plants , not me , the fucking plants , dickhead !


vid well worth passing round i reckon 

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the dentist argument always made me shake my head ... if fluoride helps so much with teeth and considering those that have many problems with their teeth ... wouldn't it be best to put it in soft drinks ... mmm. At least a few cities in Queensland are finally trying to undo annie biigh's mistakes (Byron had a good debate and got also rid of fluoride a while ago) - it will also make their rates go a bit further too.


When I am in the right frame of mind ... I don't mind watching some Arnie Gunderson for a reality dose. One of his vids, he talks about the use of fluoride with nuclear testing. If interested ... the nuclear dumps, waste sites and uranium mining vids are sobering and will make any Australian, very happy to be in the Southern Hemisphere: http://www.fairewinds.org


I'm now in Canada, but will still order my kelp from Australia due the polluted Nth Hemisphere waters (and have given up on crustacean/crab shell) - this is a tough one considering the environmental cost for transport, but in my case ... health first then the environment - fortunately, in most cases they work together.:)

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