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Help with diagnoses please

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Hi peeps, just wondering if you all could take a look at the pic i posted. Thinking it may be cal deficient but want to be sure.Sorry, i forgot to say it's DWC and plant are 2.5 weeks old.7 out of 8 plants are the same started at bottom leaves and moving up to new growth. Plants are still growing apart from this.http://www.rollitup.org/styles/smilies/icon_smile.gifThanks for any help http://www.rollitup.org/styles/smilies/icon_smile.gif


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Looks to be your over feeding but I would need more info , hydro or soil and are you using LEDs finally what nutrients are you using ? Start by flushing your plants with fresh ph water till about 1 gallon drains from the pot and test that for ph and ppm, the next watering try cutting the nutrients to 1/4 what you did use Edited by Mr. E
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I personally think your over feeding at 450PPM's thats 900PPM in a normal hydroponic system, drain your tubs and give the pots a good flush with PH strait water than resume at 200-250PPM


in hydroponics some guys will run 700PPM others will run 1200PPM it depends on nutrient brand and how well your strain can take the food but in deep water culture (DWC) u need to half that maximum PPM amount an this will be your new maximum nutrient PPM level, from here u work it out


for instance if the nutrient bottles say


(Hydroponic system)

early veg 200PPM

late veg 450PPM

early flower 700PPM

bloom 900PPM


DWC (Hydroponics) will be like this

early veg 100PPM

late veg 225PPM

early flower 350PPM

bloom 450PPM


these PPM readings and doses will vary with grower to grower and nutrients to nutrients, i do use a PPM meter when i have one but i mostly go with measuring cups


hope this helps you or someone else in the same situation as the way i learn i too fried the shit out of my plants just like your doing and i later learnt the correct way of going about it


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