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Help Scuffing cannabis seeds

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Hi guys just wondering about scuffing cannabis seeds that I have harvested from a previous grow. The husks are still quite smooth and green cream looking and I'm not sure if the moisture will penetrate. What are your thoughts on this and has anyone got info on length to wait from harvesting seed to being able to germinate them. Any tips theories or advice would be awesome. This is my first post. Thanks[emoji53]
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No harm in a bit of a scuff, but if they're still a bit green looking you picked them too early, so they may still have some problems germinating.


I have read that it's best to let them dry out and harden up a bit after picking before germinating, which may well be true.  But I have cracked 1 straight out of a living bud, so it's not absolutely necessary

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Thanks guys... as I expected it makes sense that the greener and smoother the less likely to germinate. Im experimenting with them as I have a few hundred seeds from an Afghani that got unexpectedly pollinated. I harvested the plant on bud maturity not on seed maturity. Won't make that mistake again. Looking back I should have chosen seed over bud. I've managed to germinate a few but not sure how well they will develop. Happy to update anyone who is interested.
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