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Installation of fan and filter

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Too many variables dependant on your situation and preferences, but basically filter, fan, outside, and make absolutely certain all joins between filter and fan are perfectly sealed.


Best advice I can give for what you have though is to dump it in the bin and buy decent quality brand stuff.  I won't touch anything electrical branded Growlush.  And as for their filters, I ended up with one that wasn't advertised as being that brand, couldn't afford to replace it at the time, so I used it.  Was sorta okay until things got smelly, and then I'd find it was like it would just intermittently let through big wafts of unfiltered stank.  I could stick my nose near the outlet and it would have just a bare hint of smell (not good enough), but then occassionally it would just fart out a massive waft o weed stank.  Replaced it with a Phresh filter and not even a hint escaped after that.

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I've had my filter inside and outside on my tents one thing to look for is leaking fans some fans have two half's to the body and they can leak air in or out something to think about when placing a fan inside of a tent or outside


if u place the fan inside of the tent the tent will reduce a little noise


if u place the fan and filter on the outside u have more growing room inside the tent

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