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Bunnings for additives?

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Hey Guys and Girls


does anyone shop at Bunnings for additives for the full growth cycle if so can u name some products?


i would usually go rhizotonic, PK 13-14, silica, superthrive, montsta bud, but I'm looking for stuff i can pick up at Bunnings, i was looking the other day but couldn't work out shit from shit


i need the additives compatible with Canna Coco, Bunnings blue brickettes of coco, and Bunnings perlite



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I got most of what I needed from Bunnings and I'm growing in coco now, think you've seen my setup. They sell a few types of nutes, potash, monsta bud, pk-13-14, ph up/down and some other stuff at most Bunnings here. Might not be perfect but should still see you through.


I reckon you can get a decent soil grow from Bunnings gear but I am skeptical about mixing a soiless nutrient schedule.


If ya gunna try don't for get the CAL MAG https://www.bunnings.com.au/eco-organic-garden-500ml-eco-flo-dolomite-concentrate_p3010209


and as Rhizotonic replacement use unfertilized Seasol

I was actually looking for CAL MAG at bunnings as I've read that adding a small amount if beneficial when growing under LED, had no idea what to get though, so another tick for bunnings. Cheers.

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I get everything from bunnos


This time of year forflowering im using purple powerfeed as a base the manutec liquid potash for flower size and phosphorous by the bag in granules soaked overnight to kick the girls in the arse and encourage more bud sites, i used this on day 1 of flower and intend to use it again in 7 days at the start of week 5 of flower.


I use coco from there as well as red powerfeed seasol magnesium chelate urea lime dolomite lime pots and the list goes on, bunnos has everything you need to grow monsters, except the genetics

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