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Yellowing leaves

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In my second week of flower and a lot of leaves are yellowing and dying, I've heard some are expected to fall off later in flower but I think this is too much. So what's the go! I gave it a bit more nitrogen today so hopefully that will help. Also don't know if the photos are any good I can't really see them as my phone is cracked. post-59810-148748709352_thumb.jpgpost-59810-148748711878_thumb.jpgpost-59810-148748714095_thumb.jpgpost-59810-148748716407_thumb.jpgpost-59810-148748718411_thumb.jpg Edited by peacefrog420
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She looks hungry alright... what are you feeding her and how often? I see you gave her some nitrogen but she wants a well rounded fertiliser regularly, particularly during flowering. I use the seasol and powerfeed range with some added potash during flower once a week approx. What's in your soil mix? are you facing North getting lots of sun? Good luck!

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I would have thought what you are feeding her would be ok  - I can't really suggest much more except up the feed a bit and check that more leaves aren't turning yellow. you wont get those yellow leaves to turn green btw...they are done and dusted. I assume she gets enough light?...that too can cause the yellow leaves. but seeing the brown spots on the yellow leaves also makes me think you've recently upped the ferts to her?...generally yellow = hungry, brown = too much fert. Good luck.

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I would tend to think it is nute burn my self.


Any nute added to soil will build up fast the plant can only use so much before it becomes an issue.


Flush the shit out of it with strait water and dont feed anything to it for a lil bit and see how she dose, when it comes time again to add somthing only do it say 1/2 strength.


The osmacote i would of left out my self but that will add nutes to the soil as well and u addin more imo the soil is loaded up with unused nutes that need to b washed out...

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