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Nute burn or potassium deficiency?

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Looking for some advice - can't figure out if I have nute burn or potassium deficiency (or something else)? She is 3 weeks into flower and I reported her a few days ago which I know prob wasn't a good idea but was hoping to give her a bit of a boost. Have also given her two doses of bloom fertiliser a week apart, but I haven't fertilised apart from that Also noticed today there are a few yellow leaves up the middle off the main stem. Any advice would be massively appreciated!



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she looks to be sativa dominant, if so they don't like heavy nutrient feedings

what ever strength you feed last time... half it next time

and a PH'd water-feed would not hurt either, but no reason to flush

Thanks feel a bit better about it. Yeh she is def a sativa dominant so I have probably just over cared for her a bit. Will just leave her and hope she fixes up on her own. Hate for something to go wrong at this late stage after an otherwise good grow!



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