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Plant not liking the heat at all

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Hey guys,


My plant was wilting on some leaves when I came home from work.I had it covered with shade cloth but wasnt enough. She seems to be looking better since I've watered when I got home. My quest2 see we ion is can I give her a seasol mix tonight??? Or will the heat possibly do her worse?


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Assuming your plant is outdoors, it's the root zone that suffers in the heat, so if you have it in the ground, or if in a pot bury the pot in the ground, for the insulation effect, all you have to do is keep the water up to them and they will thrive, even with temps over 40.  A decent watering in the morning will get her through the day, and if she's wilting a bit in the evening give her another.


If you can't put her in the ground in some way, the bigger the pot the better, and protect it from radiated heat by surrounding with mulch or something, and keep that wet as well.  You do not need to protect the plant itself from the sun with shadecloth, they seriously love it so long as they are hydrated with a happy root zone.



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I have a some in pots they love the hot waether, they are in the 2nd largest black plastic pot bunnos sell, im watering every morning atm, they look a bit droopy in the evening but after a water early in the AM they are fine, think of ur plants li9ke wine grapes, the best wines come from grapes that werent irrigated by town water they get only what the rain brings, thius in turn makes the grapes a little smaller but way more flavorful, so when ur plants droop they just telling you they need some water either that night or in the morning.  Cannabis loves hot weather

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