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PK 13 14, hmm the great, the bad and the down right ugly.

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My first grow I gave my friends some serious leaf burn using PK 13 14, even though I followed all the  directions.
After reading 200 topics in a night(lucky it was a weekend) on other forums I straight flushed them with 20l of water each over two days and stopped it.
Phew lesson learnt.

Obviously after the last episode and then reading ship loads I think I've come up with a few things I like opinions on.

1.(Beginner)You only need 1/2 the recommend dose off the bottle and when you use it you should halve all your other nutrients.A+B and Supplements
****I still got a little leaf burn, half of last time and I didn't flush and it stopped where it was. Happy with that.

2.(Intermediate) The bottle directions says to use 3.5 weeks before chopping. I can't remember where it was but a rep from a brand somewhere said that this was old directions, for the Northern Hemisphere and for flowers, not necessarily buds. He said that basically you want to give it the PK boost just as soon as the hairs or buds starting to form, in this case 2.5 weeks after 12/12 or 5 weeks from harvest as that's you really want to accelerate their growth?
****I did this and wow, the same regrow plants buds exploded, they are already so much bigger( and fatter and tighter), at a guess 50% and I still have 2.5 weeks to grow.

3.(Advanced) This same rep from 2 stated that his A + B and for all he knew all other brands as well, for a period of only about 6 days in the whole cycle didn't have enough PK for the plants. He said depending on the strain of the plant the window of 6 days is contained in a 12 day period for each different strain and you have to trial over many grows to work out perfectly when the strain requires it only save money.
**** I started feeding mine when I saw the hairs for the first 3 days, then off it three, on three and just topped the tank up for the last three. As I said after two my buds got bigger and fatter so much faster than last time and they are still swelling at the same rate this late as they were last time.

My question is that if I use A + B plus MOnsta Bud then Ozi Tonic at onset of buds, do I really need PK 13 14 considering I got some leaf burn?
I'm going to get told to experiment aren't I lol

I know some of you guys are going to say "You're over thinking or analysing it too much, it's a weed let it grow", just like my mate that helps says.
My reply to him is "I'm the curious cat! That's what I do analyse things, I enjoy it and even though it is just a weed you've always stressed to me about maintaining the best enviroment and giving it the best life you can."

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I think i have only used Canna P-K once or twice, the last time i used it on Great White Shark clones that were around 60cm i think i may have used it possibly 5-7 days to early as the GWS is a early finisher, i did see the buds bulk a lot and very quickly but it looked tho it was going to take a little longer than expected to finish


i have always gone by the rule take note of full strength nutrient and use it to around 80% of that limit, with additives i use 1/4-1/2 the recommended maximum dose


plants will thrive on a lower dose than there maximum amount but if u go over this amount u limit there ability to thrive than u run into all sorts of shit that ends up setting u back in time and yield plus makes your once beautiful girls look like shit

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I use the cheapie PH and PPM meters, over my growing history i have to say its a 50/50 hit and miss i have come across some terrible meters, one out of the casing was like a Truncheon however u spell it, a PH meter i tested it and the readings were all over the place lights flashing everywhere constantly moving i took it back and got a replacement the replacement has worked for over 2 years


those cheap ebay meters for $13-$15 work if u don't have anything or simply can't afford a $80 PH meter but they are not quality and they don't last long, be lucky to get 3 months use, i have had more faulty than those working



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I use it when the buds are at a certain visual point which I can't really describe, usually around 4-5 weeks after onset of actual flowering.


I never add it at any more than 1/2 strength by bottle direction.


I never use it in conjunction with any other flower booster type additives.


I flush before, and after running it for 5-6 days.


And most important, I use it in conjunction with base nutes, but adjust the EC down to the normal level after adding PK.


Still haven't absolutely convinced myself it makes a massive difference, but the cost of using it for less than 1 week is small enough to stick with it anyway.



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