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Winter grow

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I've done it before - I plant them after the winter Solstice and hope like hell we get mid winter sunny weather. Trouble with Western Vic - its rainy season is in winter so it's possible even in a greenhouse you'll get bugger all sun. Also use a super quick flowering strain - I used delicious seeds Fruity Chronic Juice - it really does flower in 50 days. The most important thing is get those buds formed before the spring equinox - else they'll revert to veg and become useless. You'll never get a big harvest but if the conditions are right you'll be happy.

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you can get atleast 4 harvests a year. NORMAL harvest 2 winter harvests and if you plants your seeds a month early at spring then you can get a spring harvest. ILL see if i have any more winter pics on my old memory cards. IF your aiming for a spring crop as well then put seedlings under a light for 24 hours make them about 4 inches high then put them outdoors. They should get about up to 3 foot tall.
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