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My outdoor grow

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Just want to know how my plants are doing, first time grow still learning

Using organic soil with some perlite. Had a few problems earlier on hence the spots but seems to have sorted that out, a couple of the lower leaves have yellowed and died off and not to sure as to whY41bcebe7be848a0af6311da56449ebbb.jpge746813c2ac80085669740b6972aa422.jpg4bd183fd7eaa6c8eb790a5e23c7bd749.jpgbb214bd81e747747b4b5784c521ad91c.jpg521c79dc91a2f36c72cc1680892b4f5b.jpg

Don't know if they are male or female yet fingers crossed!

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Quite good results so far for your first time at it. B)


All I can offer is that depending on your grow situation, you may want to consider knocking the top tip out of it. But that would still depend on a couple of factors, like how far along are the plant/s (current age of plant/s), and how soon it'll be until they're likely to go into bud.


But if it's not a issue to potentially having a 16ft (4.8 metre) plant in it's current location. Totally disregard the above paragraph. :D


Otherwise, lookin' pretty sweet there, peacefrog. :thumbsup:

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Sounds good just remember to water them often trust me man i actually use to be watering them every 2 days fine up until last week they were that dry they were drooping and that has caused so if the bittom leaves to yellow and die off on my plants then i was watering every 1 day and the next morning instead of one day and the afternoon now i water them everyday in the afternoon much better results now do they get full light or some dappled light during the day?
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Iv got the same problem. Nitrogen and soil are spot on so im scratching my noggin as well. We have been having periods of intense heat followed by torrential rain. Im guessing its a bit of sunburn but any suggestions , criticism, or advice will be gladly accepted [emoji5] 6c8b054c55d6e961f73a2fcd896266a2.jpg



Nice plant bro! If you want, you could cut off the small lower branches and strip off some of the lower leaves which arent getting much sun to encourage more top bushy growth.

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