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Advice on 1yr old tub of Chron's Super Sauce

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basically made up 1 these https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/18469-chrons-super-sauce/page-1 long time ago.

it is a mix im good with using in veg.

forgot i had a tub of concentrate made up.

opened it after last summer.

worried about spores that might hurt my cannabis roots 

no experience using rotten old slop.

soon as i opened the lid there were bubbles popping on surface

looks broken down alrite

but into what?


experienced replies preferred.

easily 200L diluted nutrient if its still good





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doesn't look like i see any bad colors on top , red , green , black

i think it will be anaerobic under that layer that's why the layer formed 

because of fermentation , if it smells like chuck/spew , turf it 

otherwise pick a test plant , tomato , rose & see if you can kill it !


scrape the top off & put it in you compost or worm bin 

again if it smells like spew , the bad guys are in charge , turf it 

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