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what gives the means for a warrant?

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Hey guys i am interested to know the means nswpol have the right to search a property? NSW.


Is it as simple as a ex girlfriend ringing up crime stoppers to say you grow pot despite she doesnt give two shits that your dying and very chronically sick?


Therefore that one phonecall is enough for a search warrant or investigation? Or maybe it might be parking at the hydro shop and running in to get nutrients and someone sees the plates or a cop is watching the joint...


Id like to really know the terms they need. And ive heard by many it does not take much for a door knock. Ive been recently been doing a big walk to my car from the shop but i use to park it right outside.


It really sucks when you have to be paranoid for the fact of a warrant because your "sick" and need cannabis for a brain tumour. This system SUCKS

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It dosent take much at all for them to get a warrent, a single crime stoppers call could do it if enough info is given.


SO the short answer yes they dont need much to get a warrent.


That is why i say if you are not willing to deal with the law you shouldent be growing it just the way it is and we all hope and pray that it never happens to us but u have to be prepaird to deal with it just in case it is all part of the game...

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1st up, I don't know the legislated rules and requirements for them to get a warrant, but they are meant to at least supply sufficient evidence to a magistrate to convince them that the alleged offence is likely to be occurring at that premises.


But in reality that level of evidence seems to be very variable and hazy, and is likely affected heavily by the relationship between magistrate and local area command.  In theory a phone call saying someone is growing should be enough to start an investigation but not a warrant to search, and the purpose of the investigation should be to see if there is likely to be any validity to the info received and to then provide back up evidence to take to the magistrate.  But there seems to be plenty of cases out there where a single phone call has been enough for a warrant, so if your ex has dobbed you in out of spite you could have reason to be worried.  If it was me, I would be packing everything up and cleaning out immediately as I have in the past, once because of my ex and once due to my partners ex.  Admittedly neither of those led to a raid, but I'm paranoid enough to follow the better safe than sorry mantra.  Some magistates are sticklers for the rules, but others seem to simply ask the cops if they believe they are right.


In your case though, you need to factor in what your local coppers are like with canna stuff, and how likely it is that your ex did it.  Questions only you can answer.

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I have been dealing with a very very spiteful ex girlfriend for the last 5 years. When i was with her i was growing. She still finds a way to hassle the fuck out of me. About a week ago she rang up and accused me of prank calling. She was with me at the time of growing. The last time she came over we smoked a few about a two years ago now. And her best friend came over around a year ago. Since then i have gotten back into the swings of growing. I used to grow the few odd plants and she knew and witnessed. But the woman is so spiteful and jealous that i have moved on and (so has she) and she KNOWS ive had two brain surgerys since i left her for another women about five years ago. We have tried to make a mend but it never ever happens.

She is about to watch me burn and I would not hesitate twice to even think she has rang up crimestoppers and possibly gotten others to ring up too.


I have text messages related to pot to friends within the last 12 months quite a few actually. Which is probly a huge mistake. I dont know if the police could look that up due to a crimestoppers call. Im not sure. Apart from her saying yes hes growing that is all she could say.


I do go to the hydro shop and have changed my ways of parking there within the last four months as I use to park out front in plain few of everyone and run out with chemicals and fans and such... that now worrys me.


Im paranoid but dont know if I should be? Im a sog guy because i intake so much of the damn stuff by eating and oil. Long veg is not acceptable in my case. I need it frequently to shrink my brain tumour.

I havent been really worried about growing because ive always thought that they need much more information for a warrant than a simple crimestoppers call. I have a total of 20 plants on my sog table which are tiny (3x3) table. So there not huge bushes but i doubt that would help my case because it would go on plant count.



I also had two roofers next door changing my neighbours guttering and i had a really old tent folded up and a 4x4 flood and drain table sitting along the fence where they were working. Right undeneath the guys. They were young and tattooed. And they knew exactly what it was too. (Reminded me stop been lazy and dont forget shit like that)


I was kind to the fellas and said would you fellas like to come onto my side to work? They were both smiling looking at this mouldy tent i totally forget to chuck out. God damn. They said no. I said no worries and that was it. They were right next to my window and obviously could hear the fans blasting.


I have never ever had a criminal record, ever.

I know for sure that 5 or so plants will not chuck in me in jail. But 20 on a 3x3 table? I dont know. Its a scary thought. With my health issues jail wouldnt work for me. So I have to do some more research if 20 plants would send me away with no prior conviction.


Its better to be illegaly alive than legally dead which is what I keep telling myself and if I was ever busted i just hope the judge would understand why. Im dying.

But the stress in the back of my mind isnt fun at all of this women. Just when I thought it was over with her. It doesnt end.


Wish I could move away and grow a different location again. Unfortunatley I cant.

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Have you got a kid with the ex ? If not, then why are you communicating with her or her friends. Block their numbers, block their profiles and move on.


In any case, surely you would have been done by now if she had already made a complaint.


Given you are using it to treat yourself I reckon you would be right anyway. Have you got any proof that your self medication is reducing the tumour ?

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Not just locking peeps up for 20, they will try to take ur new home if charged with trafficking. Ie plants indoors in living space above 20x. Happening to a mAte atm in court system.


Cause could be anything from a smell, complaint,pic on phone, refused entery. Takes an hour local sgt signs then a local justice of peace signs, ranger rocks up doors n dogs go at about same time before 6am norm..

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Hey billygoat. I was sitting on the fence ages ago with that one . I have changed my number which she doesnt have but she did call the house line accusing me of pranking. Unfortunatley I cannot change that due not to been mine and over 30 yrs old.


I sort of came to the conclusion of keep your friends close and enemies closer and that is what i have done. But going with the later is to block her profile. Although we are not directly friends.


I guess I will do that. While she is not bothering me apart from that only phone call its just always the thought what she could possibly do. Many years later. Shes a nasty women and hell has no fury like a women scorned right?


So yeah its a kinda scary thought that only one crimestoppers call can spark an investigation. All they would have to do is get my phone records and internet records (i use a vpn) now from the last 6 months of much googling of marijuana growing. And text messages. I feel like i need a new sim in a different name.

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