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Need some help on my plant

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Hi all,

I'm from Melbourne and i'm growing a single plant outside in my yard.

I didn't follow any steps in the beggining and just placed a seed in some general potting mix in a pot and now its starting to show some strides and now i am wanting to take the care of it properly.


I leave it out side where it sees most sun from sun up to sun down, water it at 6.30pm daily and once a week i put some Thrive all purpose plant food in the water container when watering it.


What else should i be considering doing to enhance the plants life throughout till march/april?

Any tips and suggestions would be a big help :)



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I'd say back off on the thrive abit, looks a little nute burn

thanks mate will do.


I'd say back off on the thrive abit, looks a little nute burn


yep, looks good to me, as the goat bleated ;), just be ready to repot it (hopefully in the ground). but fine for now.

my soil where i live isn't great so il be putting in a large pot maybe in a few weeks. any suggestions for tips when i replant it ?

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thanks mate. i looked online to suss how to confirm the sex and i have the hairs coming our where they should be for it to be a female. 



Personally, I would not change a thing, looks perfectly healthy.


keep an eye on the bottom of the pot though and pot up to a larger pot or in the ground when it has outgrown that one.


I cant seem to zoom in with any clarity to confirm sex



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