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Starting a garden mid Jan

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Hey everyone, after a long hiatus from growing, my circumstances have changed to allow for an out door personal grow. Off to Attitude I popped and since purchased a range of hybrids and an auto, since it is later than I had hoped to plant I figured I could at least bank on it flowering properly in the sun even if the timing is wrong. Should I go ahead and sprout a bunch of my beans and hope they flower properly?


I want to avoid having my plants in the house as my partner is allergic (the oils give her hives and nausea) or using powerful lights, but can handily manage just about anything else and am planning a clone box and organic calendar garden for the generations after these plants sprout, possibly moving to outdoor/greenhouse hydro. What sort of things should I be ready for with this precious first generation and how would you go about this on a minimal budget? Will my compost and chicken's shit be enough goodness for nutrient hungry modern genetics? Does water get wetter as it gets colder or am I just a slave to perception?

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Not to late to get a harvest in. I recommend buying a few 430mm pots and planting 15-20 seeds in each. Once you cull the males you can expect to get a half o to a full ounce per female and if you have 8 females for example, it quickly adds up to an impressive amount in such a small time. I've been doing this for a year now and average 8-10 oz per pot.
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yea i dun harvest outdoors till may.

usually they dont start to flower till late feb here.


i put 2 new ones in less than 4 weeks ago, 1 is a foot tall and the other is 9-10 inches tall.

guaranteed theyll be double that height before flower starts.

guaranteed theyll grow another foot or more in flower in height.


mid Dec sowed 2 seeds, looking at a couple oz each plant easily.


What strains did ya order ?

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