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Sog or scrog


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Hi people, been a while since I last frequented this forum

I had to go under the radar for a while since the cops have been hammering everyone up here.. Even had drones doing fly bys for a few months, been crazy


So anyways I figured it should quieten down in the next few months since they've busted pretty much everyone, so what better time to plan a new grow?


So, I'm debating whether to go sog or scrog under 4 x 1000w

I did two scrogs earlier in the year with 1x 1000w, and surprised myself with a touch over 900g out of my second grow... But an ebb and flow sog setup has got me intrigued


The main reasons being I imagine I could get yield up a bit by only growing closely packed colas, watering would be simpler (only have to fill reservoirs instead of shuffling on my back under a screen), trimming would end up easier, and hopefully less insects screwing with my plants(I was growing in Coco before and if I go back to a scrog, will most likely continue to)


The main downside being plant count if Mr plod decides to come knocking.. Also more complex initial setup, more complex pruning technique to learn (for me, I'm not awfully familiar with the kind of lollipoping technique used in hi—density sog)


For this next grow I've got some incredible bulk beans, which from my research should work well either way, and nutrifield Coco a&b, rhizotonic, cannazym, crystallic and bud burst.. As well as some great white mycorihzae.. Figured that setup worked great for me before, no point changing the recipe..


So... Any input?

Will I be able to increase my yields much by moving over to a sog, or will I be better off sticking with a scrog, and trying to break the elusive 1gpw there?

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I'm a scrogman, one plant spread out to fill a 3m x 3m room https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/gallery/image/10063-7/


I have gone sog in a recirc system previously and had problems. One being root rot, the other being pollination. It one takes one plant to screw the lot.

I also had a go at growing 5 different strains. OHH, that was a cock up. Two strains boomed and over took the space, the others couldn't get enough light. I had strings running all over my space trying to manage the growth and get light to the others. Made it a pain in the arse. NEVER AGAIN!!! lol

The other negative is inspector plod, one plant you can claim personal use. 10+ you could try and claim personal but they won't believe ya. If ya get a extreme cunt of a cop (as in worse than most lol ) each plant can be seen as possibly growing an Lb, 10plants can be seen as 'the potential' 10Lb and that can equate to a holiday with a room mate called Bubba.

The positives being that you veg time ain't as long, but your head timing is the same. So you may save a week or two


Personally, I like my freedom. I'll stick with SCROG

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You've sorta answered your own question already, it comes down to what's more important to you, production or risk minimisation.


Having said that, if you're looking to run 4 x 1000w then you are obviously looking for high production, and regardless of plant numbers you will already be in some serious shit with a setup of that size and nature full of greenery.  Dunno what the relevant numbers are in QLD, but small number in NSW is 5, so I suppose if you SCROG at or below the small amount number you will at least mitigate that bit of legal drama, but I'd say you'd still be in some deep shit.  And we are also talking the QLD police and court system here, pretty scary shit.


For mass production though, SOG is the go, with mother plant/s, clone chamber, veg chamber, and big flower room, running a perpetual harvest.  Too scary a setup for me to even consider even if I was looking to go commercial, but everyone to their own.  Other problem is that they don't only look at plant numbers, the courts will also take the complexity and planning involved into consideration. 


At the end of the day, only you can figure out what level of risk vs level of production you are prepared to go with.  Personally I would recommend SCROG, but if the extra veg time and work on training and pruning is outweighed by your desire for production and turnover then you may want to setup for perpetual harvest SOG.  If you do that though, you really have to stick with just the one strain and mother plant.


Best of luck :peace:

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Hey Evil Monkey,

That plant was purple erkle x headband x super silver haze, grown from seed in a recirc system. It takes about 4weeks to fill the screen, pushing all growth under the netting (bit like a starfish) from there I go 12/12 and allow the growth splurt to grow up thru the screen. Above the steel SCROG net there are 2 trailer nets, these 2 nets are solely for supporting the weight of the developing buds. The medium is a 4inch layer of clayballs in the bottom and the rest perlite in a 50ltr pot. Both mediums need to be thoroughly washed and rinsed before use cos the dust from the medium will smother the roots at the bottom of the pot. I use 4 x 600w HPS from start to finish, by using 4x600 rather than a 1000w I can get a more even distribution of light over the whole grow space. By using HPS this shortens the distance between the nodes where the bud develops compared to using MH lighting. Using MH will fill the screen quicker but the nodes are further apart and in SCROG this is not what you want.


Hope it helps


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If you decide to go with Sog it may be better to have individual pots , especially if your growing more than one strain , this will allow you to position the plants to suit their sizes , taller plants around the perimeter, or Raising the lower plants to have an even canopy


But like others said the more plants the stickier the situation if your busted.

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Cheers for the feedback guys

Given me a lot to consider...


I have to admit I'm leaning towards going scrog, after seeing merlins pics I'm pretty confident I could do something similar, I did do pretty well with my first two grows(check my profile, I put a grow journal up, I'm quite proud of it considering those were my first two grows)


If I do go sog, I was planning on picking up some suitable sized flood trays and ~4l pots, fill em full of rockwool etc


But yeah, I do have more experience with a scrog setup, probably be the more foolproof way... And having less plants, a less "sophisticated" setup etc..


Still wanna do a sog but lol

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