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cheap hydro set up for a newbie


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Hi all,

 Just wondering if anyone can give some advice on a cheap "running system". I was given a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2 tent ( not shore what brand) and maybe a filter if my mate can find it but I need to invest into anything else.

 My main concern is electricity bill ( id rather invest into more cost effective lights) and being my first time I don't want to get a high energy bill and nothing to show for it although my main focus is to learn.

I don't necessarily have to use the tent and I'm open to suggestions, I'm not shore of a budget yet but prob no more than $1000


Any suggestions or ideas would be awesome.


Thanks in advace

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$1000 is heaps of cash to fork out, you could make a pro setup for under 500 easy, and if you keep your eyes peeled heaps of second hand stuff comes up on eBay all the time, I probably wouldn't buy second hand lights but that's just me and considering you can get 600w cool tubes with digital ballasts for $170 you can't go wrong. I spent lots of cash many times on recirculating water systems but have now decided that it is just as easy to hand water if you have the time, there's $150-200 saved already.

I think you could make a wicked system for under 500[emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303]



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Just run 400w hps, exhaust fan through a carbon filter, a timer, couple of oscillating fans, some 20l buckets, coco (house & garden or canna), coco nutes a&b, pH pen and set up a run to waste system. Will come in under a grand and will grow your meds without much problem and will be simple and cheap.


Your electricity bill per grow will be less than what an oz of street canna costs and will reward you with many oz of meds.

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nah get a 315w LEC if you dare


or just get a 600w hps lamp hood and ballast rig

a centrifugal fan


insulated exhaust ducting

carbon filter ? maybe if your friend cant find one

nutrients , seaweed , bvitamins, bat guano & potash


coco/soil & perlite


cheap ec meter and ph meter

temp guage

electrical cords and 4-way adapter

electrical timer

aerator and fish pump and bucket (for nutrients to bubble away in)



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thanks Mcthree I don't want to spend that much but i cant help but think that if I spend the money now I don't have to pay for it through my bills


Thanks for the idea el gato, sounds like the set up my friend had. he is also the one of $$$ bills


Carnage I'm not shore if I'm game for a grow like that yet I have no experience. I'm going to have a look more into 315w lec vs 600hps vs 400hps, do you have 315w lec?


What about LEDs???

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nah i have no 315w lec. just that people i am friends with all around the world are popping up with them the last few months showing me their grow photos.


getting same reults as a 600w hps basically and less electricity.


it's because they are ceramic metal halides , theyre good gear.


LED I'm staying away from at the price they go for retail, too many people getting less results from LEDS.

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with the 315w lec will I need 2? I know six87 you mentioned ur mate had 2 315w but I cant remember whose journal/ grow diary it was but they mentioned they had two 315w ( D-papillion???) but only switched on the second for the last 2 weeks i think.

Thanks mcthree ill prob stay away from leds, I was only interested in them because electricity cost.

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