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Cloning without lights

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i personally havnt got the cup of water to work


as for cloning naturally yea i've done my best cones that way.

1Litre pots with seedraising soil up to an inch from top of pot

wet soil and left pots to drain an hour

taken a 6-8 inch long cut from plant, removed lower leaves left top new growth and 2-3 shade leaves (cut to half length)

used aloe vera jelly from the aloe vera plants' leaf for clone gel, 

dipped cut in aloe-jelly,

placed cut around 1 inch from the edge of the pot,

all the way down to near bottom of pot. (used new wooden kebab skewer to poke hole)

wet soil was packed in rather tight but not forced around cut.

clones/cuts were then placed inside a clear plastic storage container,

1 inch of water poured into base of clear plastic tub after pots are all sitting in there.

cuts then lightly misted with a spray bottle of straight tap water,

then lid placed on top quickly,

sat next to back sliding door window with curtains open.


temps didnt really matter too much

once a day open clear plastic storage tubs and wave plastic lid to fan cuts

then mist with spray gun and put lid back on


15 days got roots out bottom of pots

no lights needed


done it at least 100 times in the last year or so 

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