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Been making bubble hash have we ???

Heehehe hahaha tsktsktsk lol might as well place a sign out eh Serrated? lol


There ain't many people who get rid of it, most of it is kept for personal smoke

But in saying that I've seen a gram go anywhere from $25 to $60

It also depends what it's been made from, kif hash or head hash?



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too many variables to give a price

every price depends on quality


these are the aprox image prices of hash in California- whilst not Au, the prices are generally about the same 


bud run (100% buds NO popcorn) $50+ always perfectly clean beige -zero plant matter

Popcorn run (100% popcorn buds $25- 50)

mixed run (about 50/50 buds/leaves) $30/40 

leaves only (no popcorn no buds) $10-20 (usually it is given out by the dispensary as a freebie or sprinkled in the joints they hand out for free)

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In Aus hash is a niche market product.  So if you are looking to buy it and find a supplier, they are going to be so rare that you'll have to pay whatever the fuck they want or go without.


If, on the other hand, you have some and are wondering what you can sell it for.  My advice is don't, keep it for yourself instead, hash is too precious to sell and should only be self consumed.  Simple reality is that most purchasing consumers don't appreciate what they are getting enough to pay what it's worth, and I fail to see how any commercial operator would see it as a financially sensible option even at $50 per gram, which is a price most buyers would not be happy with even though it's a bargain in many ways.


My hash is all mine, and most definitely not for sale.  I went without it for too many years, so my attitude is that anyone else that wants hash can do the same as I do to get it.

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