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im with Ozzy, glass jars for me, both for curing and storage.


i use this type of jar, easy to open and close, seals in smell and got a wide mouth to get at the goodies.


you can often get the best quality makes (Italian and french) at OP shops for a few bucks.


when the wife is going through the racks at Vinnies i'm checking out the glassware.


these pics are from an easyryder grow i did 4 years ago.


greatest feeling in the world is looking at jars full of your own grown, cured and delicious buds just waiting for you to ( oh!! stop!! stop!! i'm getting all horny). :sweat:  



girl 2 In The Jar


first In The Jar



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agree 62% is perfect for long term storage & fantastic when taking an oz with you on a trip , taken out of a 62% jar
the bag starts out a little on the moist side for me , by the time you get halfway though the bag the moisture
is perfect & by the end of the bag just a little on the dry side but still closer to perfect dry but not crumbly dry
i just find 62% in a joint is just a little on the moist side
but if you let the joint sit for min the little extra moisture
evap's off , 
i've seen a vid with the boveda guy saying they were going to put 
together a 55% pack , i think it was , for the best moisture when
consuming but haven't seen anything else on that  
try it , just let it sit for a min or two on your computer B4 sparking up 
& see if you notice any diff , might not like it or notice diddly diff

def prefer to use boveda than not use them
it's a personal thing , each to there own really 

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