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First Grow - about a month in just introducing myself

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So by first grow I mean first time I have put genuine effort and money into this as a project.


Unfortunately these poor guys started life in bunnings soil under shitty CFLs in yogurt tubs.


Around two weeks in they were transferred into Canna Terra Pro I bought a PH pen tent proper lights, tent etc. Two took off pretty well, one not so well, one actually grew with it's tap root up then flipped itself and has since struggled to do much. See pics.


I started having done 0 research. At this point I'm pretty clued up but these poor guys copped a steep learning curve. Which also leaves me at a loss when diagnosing their issues. PH was at 8 before I got the pen, they were in heavily fertilized soil with crap light, now I'm trying to balance over and under watering. Using Canna Nutes as well as some seasol and drive I think it's called.


I'm not looking for anything in particular. Had just lurked long enough to want to join in. Please give any notes that may seem obvious to you however!


At this point these guys are my experiment and crash course in cultivation. I've ordered proper seeds (these were bagged) and from then on will enjoy a proper controlled grow from seed.


Only other note is to mention that three of these (excluding the munted one) have just been topped and they will be re potted tomorrow. http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161025/3ab2d45a8bb1f3da1c5a52a5b0c19d62.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161025/5654184f526eb3277a8b7191fbbaa3d0.jpg http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161025/812b371d1fcfd80d42bb9b8a2ae960d1.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161025/1a63d231bfe38e3a170afcac56ee47b2.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161025/f1e15d7c9b934bf4b5ec607199a2df26.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161025/93c78f726c79fe16a3fbcc4e043ad294.jpg

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Nothing like some fresh mountain air ✌️ Good luck mate, read, read and read some more really good advice round here from many seasoned growers, and what billy said is right go really easy with the nutes, canna terra has plenty of tucker on it for the young ones, would just stick with a light mix of seasol once a week like two caps to ten litres. Let ya mix dry right out between waters, feel your pots so you get an idea of soaking wet weight and bone dry weight. All the best, hope you get a few nice girls out of it
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Don't be worried about your pots going too dry , if your unsure you can leave off watering until leaves begin to droop ,beginning at the bottom


,then gradually becoming droopy higher up. At first sign of drooping leaves water them ,within an hour or two they will be looking fine .




Then you will have a gauge of when to water. But be aware that as they grow watering will be needed more often.


I'm not saying to let them dry out so much all the time ,but once or twice doesn't stress them , and I think it gives one a better understanding of when the plants are thirsty



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welcome and good luck with the grow.


your already getting good advice re watering and nutes.


there's nothing wrong with cfl as long as there high wattage.

i veg under a bank of phillips 24 watt cfl's for at least the first month.

there also very good where you are struggling to control high temps in the grow space.

everything has a role depending on the environment.

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Pretty impressed with how much these guys have taken off in 5 days.


This is the recovery from the topping performed prior to the last few pics.


They're also in bigger pots, roots were popping out the bottom of the old ones pretty keenly.











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It's alive as an experiment.


It sprouted in soil a bit odd. Tap root up, cotyledons down.


By the time we got it back up above soil it had two small serrated leaves but the cotlys were dead.


It was more and more yellow likely due to growing up without them but is starting to come back now. It's still in a small pot and hasn't been topped like the others. Just seeing what happens with it. Never know how many girls there will be after all.


I'll put the pics below of it's life time so far!

















All things considered I'm stoked with the recovery.



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