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Redd Kross

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i saw those seeds on the sss site.

liked the description of the high.

it sounded just what i'm looking for.

there's not much info on growing or smokin either SSS or Dinkum anywhere.


i guess us aussie are a bit intimidated by the fascists that run this country especially that thug thats the current head of the Feds.

i couldnt believe how far up the liberals arse he is. fancy raiding their political opponents during an election.

i though "hey!! did i just wake up in Nazi Germany" 

with a govt like we have, and the bunch of black shirts they have to do their 'enforcing', i guess you cant be too careful.

so i guess peeps just keep their heads down.


if you do grow em, i'd be interested in seeing how they do.


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I popped in a couple of beans today and ill put some pics up when they get going and maybe my first grow diary ,its meant to be Charles Cosby ( LA Affie x Deep Purple Doja) x Nanan-Bouclou (Haitian Sativa x Cape Tribulation Sativa) 50/50 indica/sativa, I got them as freebies with an order , was just curiuos about yeild and strenght of smoke etc. , thanks for your answers :-)
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All if SSS's strain names are ridiculous. And, no real details on genetics.....

hi goat yes i agree the names are unusual and not much details , will be my first grow am excited to try some weed that i didnt have to buy :-)

the seeds were a lighter color and bigger than the other seeds i got redd kross is the 2 at the top


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