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first time growing seedling ok ?

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this will be my first serious grow attempt , i only had bagseed for this plant but have done some research and ordered seeds (sss all star pack) from SSS seeds so they should be coming soon , this bagseed plant is around two weeks old , and was started in crappy soil , but i just transplanted to a soil , coco and perlite mix , trying to figure out if its sativa or indica ,

i had a mate grow from the same batch of seeds and his are showing sex as female so fingers crossed

meant to top 30 c plus today wondering if plants can handle the heat cheers

what else should i be doing cheers in advance


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Looks to be coming along just fine. Seeing you just transplanted it, I'd be finding a semi-shaded spot for today and most of tomorrow. After that, It should handle a 30°C day in full sunshine, just keep a eye on it and if it shows signs of wilting, pull it back into the semi-shaded spot and water it in the mid-to-late afternoon.


FWIW, I don't water my plants during the heat of the day.  It's usually before 7am and after 4pm. Afternoon watering is my usual schedule though.

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