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Magic butter machine

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Hey guys I'm interested in getting the magic butter machine to make butter oils and tinctures, I know the machine can make oil, but I'm trying so hard to figure out how to make shatter/wax/budder from the oil. YouTube doesn't seem to be very helpful, neither anything I've found. If you know how please let me know! I'd prefer the simplest method :) thank you



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You do NOT use a magic butter machine to make hash oil.  the magic butter machine is for making butter for edibles such as hash brownies......(you do not actually need a magic butter machine to make edibles either btw..  Try this link if you want to make butter, there is no better method than Lou's!!    https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/48688-lous-butter-method/ )


You need to make hash oil for wax, budder, shatter....  ITIC has a great and easy method..  if you are not keen on using isopropyl alcohol, just swap it for 95% proof grain alcohol, which can be sourced online from Australia..




Alternatively, you can make BHO, but that will require a few more tools than the QWISO method  





Happy hashing


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Thanks guys! didn't know if the extraction of the oil that machine made would be able to processed into wax, budder etc. and I've tried lots of cooking methods for brownies and stuff, it's just so time consuming and always makes the house smell, not bad, just like that mmmm dank kush smell and I still live at home, so the machine was gonna eliminate that, it's kinda like a thermo mix. Still Undecided gotta read more reviews! Thanks for the tips tho :)



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I thought the guys from magic butter would be all over this site for potential customers.


As Ford pointed out we have members submit their tried and true methods that work for them every time to make consistent results, these as mostly superior to anything a machine can spit out, bit of extra hand work, but the results are well worth it.


I've used Lou's method also and made some pretty good stuff.


I suppose the magic butter machine is there to help make it easier, but alot of us stoners like to do it our way.

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