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International move and all I'm worried about is growing

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Hi all, first time post but I've been stalking around here for some time. I'm currently living in Ireland, but will be returning back home in around a month.


Basically I want to start growing soon after getting home, I've amassed a bit of a collection of seeds they are legal here in Ireland and relatively cheap so every time I went to the head shop I'd get a few different strains. (Anyone got any tips on sending them back? Was just going to bang them in the post)


I am planning on using an old fridge to start out. Once I am comfortable I'll upgrade to bigger and better things.


Pretty sure I've got my medium sorted out being Canna Professional.

Ferts I was going to use Canna Terra Vega for veg and Canna Terra Flores for flowering.


I'm stuck on what lighting I should be using? LED seems the simplest option but from what I've read it's not worth the time and money? I think HID will be too hot in such a small space? And CFL seem to be no good either? What other options are there? What would the wise men of ozstoners suggest?

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