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Need help with organic soil mix

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Im looking at making an organic soil mix this season but ive been told i wont be able to use manures in a pot because it will be to hot of a mixture in pots is this true? this is the soil mix i had planned


1 bag cow manure

1 bag chicken manure

1 bag potting mix

1 bag compost

dolomite lime


i was going to have them in 50lr pots do use think this would be fine any information would be grateful 




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manures need to be composted B4 using in a soil mix or top dress 

i would also say just adding stuff to a bagged soil mix is a recipes for problems 

if you have your mind set on poo , don't mix it in top dress with it , small amount 

under your mulch layer every 4 to 6 weeks , roughly & get some worms in ya pot 

many ways to get N & other nutes to your plants , look up green manures & seed

spout teas http://theunconventionalfarmer.com/ , & keep in mind top dressing is

much more forgiving than bottle feeding & a hell of a lot more cheaper , DIY

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no worries 

do you know the source of the poo 


lots of soy feed in chicken & pig farming 

soy , one of the biggest Round Up Ready GMO crops


how organic do you wanna be


forgot to mention B4 50lt pots , much easier keeping life in a larger volume of soil than smaller

so 50lt is a good choice , maybe not for ya back but ya plant will be happier , careful with over watering though with small plants

in lots of soil , you could also put in a cover crop = living mulch like nitrogen fixers , the cover crop will consume more moisture

which will help with over watering , not stop it of cause but will help  , & if it gets a bit tall you chop & drop , this will cause the N fixers 

to dump some of it's root system in a bid to balance the root & the shoot which you just cut , those dumped roots in turn will dump little

balls of N in the soil 


good growing to ya 


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Im not exactly sure on what they've been fed but its coming from a farm, im planning on finding out though before i get it, i want it to be as organic as possible but i dont have much choices when it comes to the poo unless i buy pre bagged stuff


I was looking at the green manure earlier i think i might get some seeds and give it a go, seems very interesting


also could you recommend anything to use other then potting mix or should it be fine?

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If it's a organic farm your prob cool but i would still ask , keep in mind farmers can get offended very 

quickly if they think your having a go , so careful how you approach asking those Q's 


I was looking at the green manure earlier " YouTube no till canna , lots of barley straw , cover cropping & worms , indoors 


If you listen to Don Burke ads selling shit he mentions all bagged potting mixes are soilless mediums

& you need a liquid fert , that he's selling , to help the plant along , don't know if that's true but it's what he said

in saying that soil companies put a fare bit into R & D but also into the rules of there industry

bagged potting mixes will def grow a plant 


For the closest bagged soil for what your growing i'd say canna terra pro , keep in mind i'm pretty sure

all bags are treated at customs when they arrive in the country , not 100% on that but i think that's correct 


with organics your building a living soil & it would be nice to start with something that's already 

alive & kicking , i don't think you get that from a bagged potting soil , doesn't mean it won't get there 

you just have to start from scratch 


I generally don't use poo other than castings , not that i wouldn't use it , i just try & think how would 

poo be deposited & consumed / broken down in the wild , IMO it would always be top dressed & generally

never mixed in , lots of feeder roots live in the top part of the soil where there's lots of action at & just below

the surface  


Making & mixing your own would be the way to go IMO , starting with making your own castings & compost

which is not just piling in food scrapes from the kitchen , shit in , shit out as they say  

that's a bit long term but for now KIS & read up on IPM = integrated pest management


cheers mate 

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