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Grow room Glassers.

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Hey All, hope we staying nice and baked.


Of late i have been looking at geting some grow room glasers, as we know HID lighting (and i guess LED) can be pretty full on with the eyes and with an old fart like that wears specs as it is me old peepers aint the best.


There are these method 7 ones can get for around 90 au


Wanted to ask if any one out there may have come across something of the like or even fit overs would do the job?


And if you have any grow room glassers(not what i am looking for), what brand how much u pay and what ya review of them?


Cheers ozzy...

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I mostly go unprotected for short jobs, but the HPS certainly fucks things up for a bit in one eye when I check trichs through the scope.  Longer jobs I just use decent quality polarised sunnies, seem to do the job as I don't come out with sore eyes or experience anything like welding flash etc.  Don't think I'd risk cheap sunnies or non polarised though.  Pretty sure you can still get those clip on sunnies, but I'd go polarised and probably pay the $ to get them from someone like an optometrist.

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Main reasion i want them soon i will have a full room to use and knowing me i will spend a bit of time in there and to have something to get rid of the orange glow so i can see things will be a great help to me and help protect my eyes.


I was put onto these but the shipping is just way to much, with the exchange rate i would be better off with the clip ons, but do like the idea of the fit overs a lil better.



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Compare the total cost to decent polarised clip ons.  Unless it's a massive difference you'd probably be better off with the fit overs as they block out light getting in behind your lenses and appear to be specifically made to filter grow lights, so they should be safer.

That it hashy, that y i have put in an order for a pair.


I have some one going through ebay in the US for me and will ship, works out a lot cheaper...

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