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complete yellowing of plant

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Hi All,


I can appreciate this has probably been discussed before but each situation can be different, so thanks in advance for any help.


The problem: Planted healthy Critical mass girl (Mr Nice) about a month old I think maybe a little older, in to coco/perlite mix in foam box with drainage holes.


-watered her in with some nutes as I hadnb;t fed her for a while.


-few days later plant starts to yellow and leaves have curled downwards, possibly indicating over fertilising ??


-let her dry out as I thought that maybe her roots had gone anaerobic hence the complete discolouration of the plant to pale yellow/white caused by a lack of oxygen around the roots preventing uptake of nutrients etc??


-gave plain water in case of over fert


-let her dry out again after pulling off most of the dead leaves


-watered with quater strength nutes and silica and rhizotonic


- few days after that leaves are not curled down and plant is looking a bit better but still severe discolouration


what are your thoughts folks









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Those boxes arnt bad for lettuce,but for dope you don't have much depth for the roots,so even if your plant picks up ,eventually (more like soon) your roots will grow through the holes in the box.Lets hope it comes good ,then repot it into something bigger and deeper, you have the potential of a monster plant with CM,even if you only want them to reach 80cm or a metre,the roots will fill out a 50litre pot (each) by the way ,you didn't mention the Ph. I wouldn't be surprised the Ph is out - along with all other previous suggestions ,good luck and keep us tuned in .
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Those styro boxes are built for keeping ice on delicate foods on the way to markets, hence its insulation properties and in the winter (if you live down south) your tap water will be coming out at a range from 3-10 C, which could be sending your roots into shock. Also you haven't mentioned anything about the pH of the water/nutrient solution being given to the plant. I am not really sold on the styro box being any different in water holding than using a plastic container or pot, if the adequate amount of drain holes (if any have been made at all, again lack of mentioning) have been made then roots will lateral branch because the styro box is wide and they are typically about 40cm deep so plenty of room for a plant or 2. Another thing to consider is what was in the styo box before you deamed it useful for cannabis. If you pinched the box from the back of a pub or market, who knows what they stored in it after they emptied the container before they threw it out for collection. 


So in my conclusive opinion, styro boxes are not good for Southern Australia Winters (Up north is more appropriate). They can be used for cannabis if cleaned and sanitized properly and adequate drainage is provided and limited to 1 or 2 plants. 

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hi all,thanks for the comments!!


my PH has been around the 6 mark (although my methods are a bit dodgy) I also use vinegar to lower the PH as my tap water sucks it is about 7.6-7.8 .I understand vinegar is OK???


using canna for nutes


roots well established before transplant and box was pretty clean (no chems etc) draininge holes put in.


roots are possibibly cold, hiwever I dont think thats the problem, I'm fairly convinced it was root rot/aenerobic conditions etc


I will post an update pic soon and I noramlly use proper pots but becuase of my small grow tent I wanted this baby to be lower to the ground and attain more height/size etc


thanks again

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just had another look same as a couple of days ago..this sucks


I think Im going to put it the nmormal pots I use with fresh coco perlite unless I see improvement soon.


really dont want to lose the critical mass, that would hurt. I do have stock pile of other great genetics but....CM sounds the bomb

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