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Senior Nurse Forced Underground

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In order to treat her terminal cancer

In 2013 Tanya Hill was a healthy 66-year-old Clinical Nurse Specialist happily working in her chosen profession as a flight nurse with NSW Air Ambulance.

How then does a working 45-year career nurse serving will full access to both the latest information and the best practitioners get told that her diagnosis of cardiac angiosarcoma, an extremely rare form of heart cancer is untreatable and there is nothing that can be done – have to go underground and source her own medicine that ends up extending her life 400% beyond expectations and in the process eliminate more than 90% of the expected pain and suffering in the process?


“These findings describe a mechanism by which THC can promote the autophagic death of human and mouse cancer cells and provide evidence that cannabinoid administration may be an effective therapeutic strategy for targeting human cancers.” – Maria Salazar et al. Study 2009


Armed with nothing more than the inevitable and with nothing more to lose Tanya Hill and her son Jason Olbourne went out into the world looking for information, knocking on doors, asking questions, seeking assistance.

It was a chance meeting with a member of the HEMP Party that opened a door when all others were closed. 

http://australianhempparty.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/tanya-hill-3.jpgTanya Hill

“Mum sourced her own organic raw material which we made into a medicine according to instructions available on the internet. She had never used cannabis before and whilst being slightly reluctant to becoming a law breaker at this stage of her life jumped in and gave it a go” said her son Jason Olbourne, now standing for the second time as a NSW HEMP Party candidate.

“We knew the medicine contained THC and CBD’s but did not know in what quantities. She decided to start small with about the size of a grain of rice of this thick sticky black oil”.

It worked. She did not feel any subsequent discomfort or high, instead she was able to sleep, her appetite picked up and when going into her first chemotherapy session was told to expect up to a week of nausea and vomiting before slowly recovering. Instead she felt no ill-effects and was up and about the next day going about her daily business.

This continued throughout her remaining treatments. There were no side effects from the chemotherapy, no nausea or vomiting. Just a grain of rice size dose of oil morning and night combined with her other prescribed medications.

Told to expect less than three months before the tumour would literally swallow her heart ending her life, Tanya noticed her tumours shrinking for some time. She enjoyed 11.5 months of happy productive living which saw her return to work on a part time basis, take trips out with her husband Bruce on their beloved boat, visit her children and meet her new grandson Hudson. She died 12 months following her diagnosis. In that time no doctor ever mentioned cannabis treatment or study and only once when it was mentioned did her professor just wink and say “we can’t say anything but we can’t stop you either”.

To think that it is now 2016 and this is the prevailing message out there, “don’t ask, don’t tell” – Jason Olbourne HEMP Party

When the law prevents informed and educated people from knowledge and access to treatment that would both extend and improve one’s life then the law MUST be changed.


Marijuana (HEMP) Party, Senate Candidate for New South Wales

Facebook Page


The post Senior Nurse Forced Underground is on HEMP.



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because of their 1 focus stance 

they have no position on other subjects that are important to me

I will only vote for a party who's ethos are close to the same as mine 

I have a (health) science background, the nimbin folk Hemp Party is anti-vaccines I am pro, 

Looking up info about their immigration and refugee policies, but I can't find it on their website (cause they don't have a stance)

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I rather like that they have only one focus stance.


IMO, I think the best thing the Hemp party did was get together with the Sex party,


they have policies that appeal to me aswell











Hopefully they will a least get one seat in the senate(hopefully two)


with a seat in the senate they will hopefully get the canna laws changed for the better


at least they can bring whole plant canna discussion to the table and it will have to get debated, which is a good thing.


for the record, I am semi pro/anti vaccine, some vacc are important and some are not.



Looks like our votes Matti will cancel each others out lol


such is democracy!

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