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who the heck are these liberal democrats people?

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heyy everyone. weird question not trying to prmote these guys or anything but they sound promising for australia. Anyway ive been on facebook a bit lately and ive been seeing a heap of ads coming from the liberal democrats fb page. I think they are sponsored or something but is anybody else getting these ads? they are promising legalizing cannabis not just for medical but rec too and they are saying they want to lower or cut the tax or something for tobacco. they got all sorts of shit promised. have a look here: ( ldp.org.au/policy ) but more importantly, back to the cannabis and the actual potential of it?

anybody know the background of these people? how long have they been running, tangibility, support, achievements, awards etc? if anyone can provide info on this, i might just honestly go for these guys.. But before that whats everyone think of them? heres the cannabis recreationalisation for australia policy they want ( ldp.org.au/policy/cannabis/ )

Thanks everyone! fingers crossed ..

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I have been following them on FB as well. But I ask myself where will all the money come from if they could change things. They are promising shit loads of things but never tell us where the money will come from to put their promises into action. As for the Hemp and Sex party joining forces, well I am a bit sceptical about how they will maintain peace within their new party. Going to be an interesting election that is for sure. Both major parties are a big worry. Labour is not going to halt coal mining, a scourge on the planet. Liberals are fucking retards and I don't trust the greens one bit.

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