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Every Day In Every Way, We Can Do Cannabis Better

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Better legislation for Cannabis will improve our health, nutrition, policing and the annual budget.Cannabis can provide a better solution for medicine, food security, the environment and social harmony.


The Marijuana HEMP Party has a plan to integrate the whole plant into our everyday lives.BETTER HEALTH

There is now no doubt to a reasonable person that Cannabis does have medical and therapeutic benefits, the problem is no government anywhere in the world has willingly introduced a meaningful medical Cannabis regime.

Successive Australian Parliamentary Inquiries have recognised the international road blocks which make clinical trials nearly impossible and restricts research. While HEMP applauds State endeavours in this area, we believe Medical Cannabis is a Federal issue which effects all Australians.

Having regard to the need for accurate science and comprehensive testing, all will be aware this takes time, up to ten years for products to make their way through the long regulatory process making it highly unlikely a medical Cannabis preparation would be available during the term of the next government.

*HEMP is calling for interim measures in relation to cultivation, possession, supply and distribution so as to address the needs and concerns of 10’s of thousands of Australians currently using Cannabis for medical purposes.

*HEMP believes progress in this area will help many critical patient groups and ease pressure on Australia’s already strained health system.



Australia remains the only country to maintain a ban on human consumption of hemp seed foods. The nutritional profile of hemp seed makes it a true super food, rich in protein, high in a dietary balanced ratio of Omega 3,6 and 9, its cold pressed oil is considered equal if not better than fish oil.

Our Food Authorities have always approved hemp foods only to have its decisions rejected by politicians who base their objection on police advice that hemp foods may interfere with roadside drug saliva tests.

Who takes nutritional advice from police? This is another irrational and lose-lose-lose situation for Australia as our dietary projections look to more unhealthy foods being approved, while at the same time Australian farmers are denied access to world wide billion dollar hemp seed food markets.

The real kicker here is that Australian police are alone in their use of saliva tests as reports show the devices to be unreliable and not recommended, meanwhile our national road tolls continue to rise.

*HEMP warned governments as far back as 2006 that the introduction of saliva testing would unfairly target Cannabis and alter drug use trends for the worse as people realised other drugs pass through the body much quicker than Cannabis, or are completely undetectable.

*HEMP is calling for immediate assistance to the burgeoning Australian hemp industry to coincide with the lifting of the ban on hemp seed food consumption.



Enforcing the prohibition on Cannabis has been a complete waste of time, money and resources. Australian police make about 60,000 Cannabis related arrests every year, well over 1,000 a week! That’s an awful lot of policing going to waste and it surely does bring about disrespect for other laws and erodes mutual respect within communities.

In US States, Canada and The Netherlands were Cannabis laws have been relaxed, positive social outcomes have resulted in significant decreases in alcohol related crime, anti social behaviours, road traffic incidents, domestic violence, mental health issues, theft and robberies, police corruption and vomit on the streets.

*HEMP believes Cannabis law reforms will make great inroads to the reallocation of police resource to focus on ever increasing organised criminal drug importations, more important crime and genuine assistance to victims of crime.

Simple Cannabis law reforms will relieve pressure on our Criminal Justice system, prisons, courts and administration, legal aid, non government organisations and may help in rebuilding trust between police, community and especially the younger generations.


We can potentially save a $billion on health, a $billion on better health by nutrition outcomes, a $billion on policing and courts, a $billion from regulated Cannabis revenue that would normally be in the hands of the black market. That’s just in the first year!

It’s pretty simple to see how vast resources can be saved and redeployed, while revenues will increase capacity to address health, education, rehabilitation services and various other important front line services currently suffering due to lack of ongoing funding.

*HEMP believes forward estimates to 2025 could see Australia realise savings, cost cutting measures and revenue in the order of $50 billion and could lead the world in medical Cannabis research, science and product development.


  • Cannabis as medicine and therapy could reinvent the health system.
  • Complete protein and polyunsaturated fats are an essential part of our diet.
  • The hemp plant can address environmental concerns on CO2 levels and soil reparation
  • Currently we waste millions of tax-payer dollars trying to enforce prohibition.
  • A regulated market would redirect funding to education, health and harm reduction.
Vote 1 Marijuana HEMP Party

because we can do Cannabis BETTER.




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