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Hi all, i suppose this topic mainly relates to gorilla growing & seed banks.   As you scoure thru different banks looking 4 good outdoor strains that are going to yield, it becomes  confusing!! what one bank says will deliver up to 800grm per plant, the next doesnt rate the same strain from the same breeder  as a high yielder,  now is that 800 grm  wet or dry,  sum talk in 400grm per sq mt, does that mean , if shes a 6 footer youll get the 800??  & sum just say 800 per plant,  after many hours of cross checking there are a few that do match up  2 be high yield outdoor , medium thc - 15% & not to hard to handle.> id be interested to hear others views & there experience with sucsessfull strains,  i myself have  had good sucess with sum bomb seeds, & looking forward to trying  Incredibble Bulk by  Dr Krip.

Happy gardening


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/sq M is for indoor SCROG or SOG, and relates to the sq metre canopy surface measurement under either 600 or 1000w (can't remember which), and like their stated flowering times is questionable and should only be used as a guide.  The per plant measurement is sorta the same, but with outdoors there are so many potential variables affecting yield that it should also only be used as a rough guide.


Best advice I can give you is to ignore that stuff unless you are looking for commercial success as your primary goal.  Find strains that give you the buzz and/or medicinal benefits you  are looking for and like, and then try to grow them well.  Better to have less bud that does what you want than heaps of bud you don't like.  I've been working on tracking down those genetics for myself for a few years now, and have narrowed it down to a few great lines for myself by buying and trying a variety of strains, and I've had a lot of fun running the experiment as well.  There's been a couple of duds and unpleasant stones in the mix, but it's all part of the search, and definitely worth it IMO.

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Good advise Sir

 The strains ive been trying to grow are supposed to be 12-15% thc  & cbd Around 1.5, which works for me, just thought more experienced growers who have been down this track , may have a heads up on a consistant strain  ie why get 1 grm when you could get 1.5,  & thats were the imformation from the banks gets twisted or possibly misleading (confusing). Thx for your input


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It is good advice from Sir indeed


'cause 'we' the growers have become Mother Nature to the plants

the variables in final grow results are as wide and varied as the methods used by people who grow the plants

plants are extremely sensitive to their surrounding environment


and stable strains that grow out even like clones are harder to find

and when you do find them they are inbred so much they are often dull boring plants ... IMO

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Thx Fraz, im hearing u......   genetics & cross breeding are sum what destroying the original gene pool, for a comercial advantage (maybe).

I was quite open in naming , big bud by bomb as a constant achiever outdoors  (for me)  just interested if any 1 had a consistant preformer, without chasing rainbows from the banks!!

Im happy to take the advise of Sir, find what works for u , & do it well!!

But experimenting with different strains , has sum attraction ,     best of to all


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Let me say Nutter ive been along the same road as you are on now

I looked and read and studied Strains of weed looking for the perfect plant, high yield and tasty killer smoko all in one

i now feel confident enough to say there is no such plant

dont believe what seedbanks say .. instead seek out the grower/s who have their perfect plant strain

ask them to share their insights on potency or yield or whatever you are chasing in a plant

of course then you have to sort out the big-noting shit-talkers who dont know either


personally i now look for the potency /quality in a plant

look for seedmakers who dont just dabble in the worn-out old skool strains like skunks, nth. lights  etc

but go back to the origins of Cannabis in the wild and collect seeds from various remote locations in the tropics

each side of the equator around the world are generally good growing regions which still have clean genetics


one fella who frequents this site and is not a shit-talker has been growing out some African based genetics

and has found some really original killer weed, highest quality around,  high cannabiniod test results too, not that i would rely on them

but rather when you hear Tangweena describe his adventures with African weed it certain gives you reason to stop and maybe heed his words


anyway thats just about enuf from my ramblings, have fun

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