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Most reliable carbon filter?

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Hi all,


Just wondering what brand of filter is considered to be the best? And available in Aus. I was looking around and saw the Phat ones mentioned, and when I look them up on ebay, the Phresh ones come up.... Are they the same company or are people just keyword spamming?


I bought one when I was first thinking of growing, but it is a generic brand and it's not full, you can here the carbon rattling around inside. That is not a good sign, right?


Thanks in advance :)

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Yep, the Phresh/Phat CF's are a safe bet, and reasonable value for money FC.  I finally bit the bullet and payed the extra to get a Phresh over the cheaper ones on Ebay for this grow, and so far would have to say it's worked perfectly.


Don't get an unbranded one from anywhere, particularly Ebay, as they all seem to be cheap Growlush crap, with or without that name attached.  My experience with those filters (4 in total) is that they seem to sort of work but also seem to let intermittent puffs of stank through right from the start, and get less effective from there.  So if you need stealth, spend the dollars.  Can't say how long the Phresh ones last as I'm on my first cycle with it, but they are reputed to last at least twice as long as the cheaper ones.

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I have no factual evidence to argue this, but if you Google "Phat filter", they are under the Hydrofarm branding (which Can and ProFilter come under as well), If you Google "Rhino filter", they are a sole entity by themselves, if you Google "Phresh Filter" which are sold under Sunlight Supplies and none of these seem to have any relationship with each other (except Phat, Can and ProFilter from Hydrofarm). I am saying this as I am not convinced that they are the same company related as I cannot find any source that factually states this, other than other forums and their members trying to convince their other members they are one in the same. 


But outside that global arguement, I personally use Phresh and MountainAir, I just happened to buy what ever reputable brand (Can, Phresh, Phat, Rhino, ProFilter, MountainAir) that happens to be available and cheapest at the time of need, which is not that often when you buy a reputable brand. I think the thing to just be aware of is the type and shape of the carbon used, RC-48 Australian carbon is the preferred carbon to look out for, unlike the various labelled Growlush filters which just used a granulated coconut carbon like that used for Aquariums.

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