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broad/russet/cyclamen mites anyone dealt with?

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hey guys just thought i may have discovered from my earlier post that i have some sort of mite, i have lots of perfectly circle eggs on my leaves but am yet to see one crawler, im using 100x scope but still i cant see any movement besides the circlular eggs. has anyone dealt with these mites before? my plants are showing some symptoms of what is described to be mites on other websites, although broad mite eggs arent circular. i have also heard of the leaves having tricombs on them but im still unsure of what to look for. if you put a 100x lense up to your plants leaves will you see small circles around? or am i defiantly infected with something. the eggs are spread none really grouped up. heres a photos from another source that are basically the same.



this post expresses basically what am on about. perfect circle eggs or something else?

heres a photo of what the circles look like on my leaves, WITHOUT the bug from another source.




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