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Packing up and Saying Goodbye to my Grow Room

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I got a job in the city and need it so will have to pack up my grow closets and put it all away for another day. Unfortunately I was just getting to the stage after 8 months where I would start to get a regular supply so I don't have anything saved for the future besides my small stash and what I have in flower. I would hope my next place will allow me to grow a couple of discreet plants but I would have to wait sometime to make sure it's all OK. Until then I will have to decide what to do here with my plants.


I'm glad I did get a little seed collection together in the last 8 months or so I have been going. So I can keep the strains from the 3 females and 1 male seed I got. I now have at least 100 seeds from them so I can breed my strain again in the future.


At least in the city grass is easy to get and with a job it won't be that bad but I do prefer my own organic stuff. 


I only have about 2 weeks before I start my job. I read up that you can keep clones in the fridge for up to 8 weeks. I'm disjointed in a way as I have some nice plants from my best ones in late veg right now but if I put them in flower now they would not even have small buds in 2 weeks so it won't be worth bothering with. I have a few other plants in near harvest stage which is good but they were my worst plant strain mainly so I won't get a lot from them.


So with my vegging plants I could do one of these:

  • Put them into flower now and try to get them to harvest in 4 weeks (they are 8 week flowering usually this strain), it would mean I would have to extend my stay in my apartment for 2 weeks and lose about $600 rent money as I will be sleeping in my new place 
  • Let them continue to veg up to when I move out in 2 weeks and then cut all the plants down into cuttings and put them in plastic bags into the fridge for later use
    (the problem with this is I will not have a place to grow for at least 6 weeks until I get my own place in the city as I will only stay in a rented room until then
  • I could just throw everything out and just keep my seeds for when I'm ready to grow...

It would be such a waste to throw out these nice healthy plants but it might be the easiest thing to do,


what would you do?


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What i would do.. Hard to say mate.. Got a friend who can take. what are they growing in? Could they survive outdoors?


I wouldn't bother keeping them where they are for 4 weeks and losing $600 though.

no friends around here that would be able to grow, only in the city but not worth the hassle to get them there. 


Outdoors is an idea i never thought of, I could maybe take them out to the side of the road and hope for the best. I have never grown outdoors in Aus but I have in other countries, do they need much protection here? I think it might be a little late as well with Autumn coming but maybe not as they will have a couple of weeks into flowering before going into the ground.


Currently they are in CFL growing in perlite and coco.


if you can give them some light from a compact fluro they should be ok for 6 weeks (you have a wardrobe in your room?) they won't grow much but they will live.


it would be easy I guess to keep them alive but without knowing where I will stay it's hard to know if it will work until I get a place but I will consider it

Good luck with the move and Job. I wish I could help...

thanks :)


I'm probably leaning to just seeing how things go in the next 2 weeks and see where I will be staying and make a decision closer to then, at worst they can be cut for the vaporizor. I will put them in the flowing room I think anyway and hope I can get a couple of little buds out of them. Who knows I might even take them to the side of the road.

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yeah not sure they will survive in the wild being in coco unless you can come back and water them on weekends.  The weather is still good for it they wont need any protection. maybe some steaks in case of bad storms but would definitely be one of the only options apart from killing them when you move.. Or, drop them off at my place :)

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My personal thoughts...


You have seed, ditch them and start again when you are sure you can grow safely.


Although you can (and I do) chill and keep cutting material alive in the crisper for weeks on end, the temperature must remain constant. If the temperature fluctuates, the foliage will deteriorate quickly... I doubt it would survive moving house to back into a fridge.

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