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Canada legislation decriminalize recreational cannabis

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Canada’s Liberal government will introduce legislation to decriminalise and regulate recreational marijuana in spring 2017, according to the health minister, Jane Philpott.

The prime minister, Justin Trudeau, promised during last year’s election campaign that his government would legalise recreational marijuana, following the US states of Washington and Colorado, but the time frame has been unclear.


Philpott, speaking on Wednesday at a special session of the UN general assembly in New York on drug problems around the world, said the Canadian law will ensure marijuana is kept away from children and will keep criminals from profiting from its sale.

“We will work with law enforcement partners to encourage appropriate and proportionate criminal justice measures,” she said. “We know it is impossible to arrest our way out of this problem.“

Former Toronto police chief Bill Blair, the government’s point man on legalisation, has emphasised that current laws that make marijuana illegal remain in effect.

Medical marijuana is a separate issue from recreational marijuana inCanada and is already legal. Canada’s medical marijuana growers say a jump in the number of illegal marijuana dispensaries as the federal government decides how to regulate the drug is costing them customers.

Medical marijuana patients in Canada are set to regain the right to grow their own cannabis after a federal court judge in March struck down the ban introduced by the previous Conservative government.

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It's looking pretty good over here.:)


I moved to Canada last year from oz … wow … bit of a difference.


Vancouver is basically legal in nearly all senses at the moment anyway - even has vape/smoke lounges that you can byo and relax, play pool, pinnies and foosball. The 420 event was amazing … lol … blew me away (literally as well) how many growers had planned a cure date around April 20 and how much weed was on sale for farmer-direct prices … in huge masonry jars (even big pasta stainless steel pots) on makeshift trestle tables.


If anyone wants to experience a chilled, relaxed cannabis scene … I reckon those 2 year work visas might be the go … especially when Canada legalises and younger partakers could wwoff around the country getting free food and board … while hopefully working on organic cannabis farms … ahhh … just seems right - I really hope it eventuates.:)



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Temagami Jack here -


There's been a medical pot industry thriving all over Canada (but mostly in BC) for years.  Most suppliers offer an online service and your dope gets delivered in 48 hours by Canada Post.  


In early 2017, before the legalising legislation (see attached if you're interested), the med pot suppliers started behaving as if recreational pot was already legal - they started accepting orders from anyone over 18 and you had to scan and send your driver's licence as proof.


I placed my first order in early Feb 2017 (a few grams of UBC Chemo), and when it was delivered to my house in northern Ontario without a hitch, I went in for tinctures, shatter and hash.  All orders were promptly dispatched and Canada Post took care of the rest.  Most suppliers don't charge any postage if your order exceeds $100.


So, my regular puff became a bit of crushed bud all mixed up with ground-up shatter and a bit of pulverised hash.  10/10 for strength and a lovely piney taste.


All this occurred several months before the law changed but because the med. pot industry was already up and running (had the infrastructure in place), and because it was all done discreetly, the RCMP never bothered to shut it down.  


In the end, Canadians voted to make pot 'none of the cops' business' when they voted-in baby Trudeau last year.  You're pot delivered by mail - what a time to be alive - Oh Canada!




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Great News 


Understand Australian's.... and world citizens 

It is not the role of government.... to tell you what you do with your lives nor the church or state within reason....

We do not live in the 1950's anymore


With in reason they should be involved with our lives because they have enough power and influence to do so.And someone has to lead and run the place. They protect us and with that protection they ask for our money we earn and that shouldn't be a problem. Government needs to make our lives easier and with that we should accommodate for their support by paying taxes or volunteering at places.And in our free time in our own place and space we should be able to partake in cannabis use in any form ...this has been a vital link missing from  a many millennia friendship.

Yes. The people ARE the government. I have never understood the anti-government sentiment that exists in some democratic nations. The government is composed of people who have been elected to make changes that benefit society (albeit in this day and age we have corporations placing and paying for politicians to enable infiltration of government ...based on agendas that do not have any interest for you ...but for your money......and a global strategy for a one world agenda and currency )... and maintain order. As long as basic rights are ensured (which is done through the court system, a government  crown system from England based on stealing land of original inhabitants ...the empire of thieves "crown"entity anyway), 


hell no. Freedom is lost in the land of the free. One should be free to be an idiot when it comes to personal matters. I'm not saying to be free to hurt others but if your decisions effect only you and this over-reaching big brother government says "for your safety you are not allowed to make these choices because we know what best for you, not you" you,,,,,,




The government is telling us to wear seatbelts, not to text and drive, talk and drive, smoke around children(fair enough ).

It's ridiculous! These are your own freedoms!





You can't be forcing every single person to wear a seatbelt.But it does help...their is a difference between a seat belt and smoking cannabis on your sofa...To many people would be in jail! It's absolutely ridiculous and the government needs to let up on our laws. It's stupid to be honest.PRISONS ARE NOW PRIVATELY RUN INSTITUTIONS BASED ON PROFIT.

IT is in their interest for their to be criminals....

The largest financiers in the US against legalisation were ...

Alcohol,tobacco and private prisons

It is not in the government power to say how we should live our lives. We pay taxes to support basic commodities;


Cannabis users are not violent.   And cannabis is not a gateway drug .

Sugar then chocolate then tobacco and alcohol in that order is more like it .

And it being illegal forces people to have to buy off dealers who sell other items ...wtf up government and you want us to hold you on high for guidance


Transit; Water; Electricity; etc. However, it should be no more than that. As for food I believe people should grow their own hunt their own and buy their own. This business of mass producing has completely destroyed humans. Laws are suppose to be passed to regulate government, NOT it's citizens. That is where it's all going wrong. Our elected "officials" continuously pass legislations that harm the people and gives them more power. Have some self-responsibility.

How many laws and taxes are there now ...

It is not for your safety ....it is to keep you caged in an invisible military industrial complex corporate bankers prison



How many taxes do we have now???????????????

And rules and hurdles ..and training and tickets .......Your ancestors would be rioting 

More and More we are getting screwed




Free the weed















Edited by cardrona
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It wasn't our fault it was God's we are just humble natural humans





Governments worldwide 

United nation's

Shove it up your arse.You military industrial complex media owned corporate assholes




Thank you for your time 


please consider the above letter.

I have searched my neighbourhood for God and apparently he has been seen at the Church on Sundays .

He is considered lazy and must only work one day of the week.As he is selling anointing oil during the week.


Because of the corporate adgenda to break up families and turn full time work into part time casual so we can give the immigrants a job and it makes us look good....

Po off Masterchef...actually helped me with that last line ...

Thanks Po love your work .oxooxxox


I shall look forward to hearing from you promptly

My phone number is www.1800soapboxthegovernmentarefuckwitsthatdonthaveyourinterestatheartbutthesuperisgood;).cumallovertheUN'sface

Turn off your tv...yourbeingbrainwashed 


Yours sincerely 


Udont.  Owntheplanet

I do thesecondcomingofmaryjanecannibas

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I will just add well because I am the youngest of 6 kids....Who's parents are now 90 and I know how the world would be such a better place without eldest siblings  ...i whispered that (like government)

And my nanna was 103 when she died ...I learnt perspective ....PITY GOVERNMENTS CAN'T 

So I was born with a lady in my life who was born in the year 1885.


So my perspective on life spans from 1890 to 2017

And I am gifted like a rain man

My nanna was a clairvoyant

and I have inherited it .I have photographic memory...that is why you find me strange

You all need to realise what that is on your face .....it is a mouth.......




You want change 




Back what you believe to be true 

You know in your hearts that it isnt right 


I personally think it is criminal the current and past situation .

You are not alone ....

we all need to join together and hold what is true .

this is not a criminal act.

Edited by cardrona
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