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Please explain

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And that's basically what I do. T's and taps can be fantastic things


That setup looks dodgy brothers all over imo

Again imo, you'd be better off buying pots and a tub. You can reuse them for many years.

It looks to me like the fluid bag below slides out from under the frame? Possibly? It'd be a bit mess I'd reckon

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Yep, Lenny ran that system last year, can't remember how she went but vaguely recall her having a couple of issues with the system, but not sure.


It's a simple system done in a basic but seemingly stupid way, with the res being a major weakness in the system, both for cleaning and temperature control of the nute solution.  My advice is look into the different hydroponic feeding systems/options and figure out a system that will work for your situation, plan it out and go to Bummings.  You will save money, have a better quality and more reliable system suited to your needs, and individual parts can easily be replaced or upgraded as necessary.  That's how I've done all of my recirc and flood and drain systems, and will continue to do so.  It's not complicated unless you choose to make it that way.


And the big issue with that system is clearly written on it, it says "Growlush", which should be like a huge flashing warning sign when it comes to grow gear.

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