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First Grow Any tips appreciated, hydro in perlite 2400w

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Hey guys first time major post, just got a few questions and was hoping for any tips


my current room setup is 4x600w hps in 100% perlite with (4)50L pots on top of a squat pot with oxygen to the roots, and a 200L res. On a timer that feeds every 3 Hours for 15 minutes. at the moment im vegging 4 girls each 1 under a 600W on 20/4. 

the space i am working with is around 2.6 long by 2.3. so my current goal was to get a minimum of 3.5 pound from the room along with a pre raise veg tent 1.5mx1.5m in my other room with 4 girls under a 400w MH in the same setup ready to go in once my others are done, although im not there yet.

so my questions are, is my goal obtainable? i currently have Super lemon haze from clone, am i wasting power having each plant under a 600 or should i have 2 of them turned off for now untill there slightly bigger, they are currently about 2ft tall and radius 500cmish (if that makes sense). AM i ok Flushing every 10 days with 7.0 tap water straight from the tap? (ppm out the tap at 200) then adding my nutrients once my res is back to 7.0 and then tidying up the ph after? and obviously consistently getting it back down around 5.6-5.8 untill the next flush.

how much roughly is a 600w to run in SA?, i went through my power bill but it didint give me a proper kw ph reading (it was a email so it cut short)


they have been in a small system system up untill 12 days ago i put them in the 50L's, what i gathered is they will take off once they have properly established roots? im just not to sure if growth is slightly stunted as i Super cropped a few branches and the main stem along with some tops trying to get a bush effect. should my new growth consistently be having more cloves per leaf? is that a good indication of a healthy plant? also is it worth trimming out under the more so useless leaves towards the bottom of the plant.


cheers :)


sorry about pics, dont mind the OG kush in my system running a muck in the background, i just wanted lemon and dont know what to do with them lol. plus the baby lemons in the back. my ppm for the 4 is around 1200post-57545-0-26896900-1460709252_thumb.png







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If you want decent pics you'll have to take them when the HPS lights are off and use a white light instead, or if you have to take them with HPS on, put a sunglasses lens in front of the camera to cut out the lines.


There's a thread somewhere on the site for calculating power costs.  I'm guessing my 2 x 600w chew around $400 a quarter but I've never bothered trying to figure it out, and that's mostly on flower cycle, I figure it's just a cost of growing and it will be what it will be.


Those plants are big enough to warrant full lighting now.


Flush perlite once every 1 to 2 weeks, so 10 days is ok, but, use PH'd water, and you want to run at least 2 lots through, pump the first through for half an hr to an hr, dump it and replace, then measure the EC (or PPM) before running again, if it raises by more than a small amount after half an hr, rinse and repeat until it doesn't.  Then dump and fill with fresh nute mix.  Perlite works well, but does seem to have a tendency to build up salts and cause issues if not properly flushed.


Pics are a bit crap to tell much detail, but I would also guess that they are well and truly big enough to be on flower cycle now, especially if they are Haze genetics.

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i know about the photos i just took them asap as i have work during hours the lights are off. they look bigger in the photos probably they are only 2ft as i said. 

so its not ok for me to flush 7.0 ph water straight from the tap to clean the perlite then ph the water from my res leaving 5.8 ph water on the same timer then flush once more 24 hrs later and THEN add nutes then ph to 5.8?


defiantly not ready for flower they where only cuttings 3 and a half weeks ago

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