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Cannabis for hypertension



Hi guys,


I've just had a bit of a revelation, thought I'd share it here.


I've had hypertension off and on over the years (weight fluctuations and a genetic disposition), and my blood pressure has probably been about 160/90 pretty much all the time, occasionally lower but sometimes even higher.


Since I've started using Cannabis (around 2013 I started using it after not having it in quite a few years). My blood pressure has been lower the last few doctors check ups I've had, and I've been confused why, because I've gained weight since starting to use it (oops) and usually that would require me to go back on antihypertensives.


I thought I'd do an experiment and measure my Blood Pressure before and after having a vape session. Before, it was 140/85, and pulse 90, which is excellent for me (no medication right now) anyway, but after the BP was 130/75 and pulse was 70!


This is astounding to me. I actually never even thought of cannabis having any effect on that, but now I'm starting to think back to when I started having lower BP readings at my doctors visits, and it coincides with the period I've been using it.


It makes perfect sense, of course. It has such a relaxant effect I guess it slows down the whole central nervous system.


It's difficult to overcome the preconceptions we've been fed about cannabis our whole lives. It's challenging to feel like you've been fed lies about what is "good" for us and what's "bad" for us. Sorry, Friday night stoner thoughts ;)

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I don't smoke, I only vape these days. I've quit smoking cigarettes since I started using Cannabis too. I am sure there are still some negatives related to vaping as well, but I don't get the sore throat or phlegm in my chest like I used to smoking cigarettes or smoking a pipe or bong. :)
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Canna has long been known to have anti hypertensive properties FullCircle, but I've never actually looked into the specifics, and am currently wondering why not as I've had hypertension for many years now.  Never had any issues with it until after I went on an extended canna break to make sure it wasn't causing my health problems strangely enough, but haven't been able to get rid of it since.


I suspect you would have to consume it all day long to use it as an anti hypertensive though, which could create it's own set of problems.  I only vape etc in the evenings these days as I want to be able to drive and be otherwise fully functional through the day, and I just don't want to be that fucked by the end of the day anymore, so I find myself having to take medication for it.  I keep meaning to buy myself one of those home machines for monitoring pressure, but never seem to have the cash cause whenever I've got spare it either goes on cars or canna growing gear :twiddle:, but I should as I suspect that I sometimes end up with exceedingly low blood pressure at times, particularly if I vape a bit more than I meant to.


Weight control is still very important though, but it can be a bitch if the green meds give you the munchies :D


Best of luck :peace:

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Thanks mate :) Yeh was thinking the same about how stable it would actually keep the BP if I'm only using it at night, which is what I do to in order to be good to drive and work during the day. I've got the home meter, will do a record over the course of a few days and see how long it actually keeps it low.
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