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Hello people! I moved into a place and found this small plant growing out back, now it's a slightly bigger plant and been flowering for about two weeks now.

I have no experience with the plants, read a small amount of info but it sounds like without proper magnification it's quite hard to tell when to harvest.

So it's a long shot to ask if it's ready but here are some photos.






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That plant has clearly been flowering longer than 2 weeks, and I would agree with the 3-4 weeks left to go just on the look of it, but it's impossible to be sure without a loupe.  See how it's got some brown pistils (the hairs coming out of the florets), and some white ones, the white ones will brown off, then after a while you will get another round of white ones popping out, let them brown off as well, then flush with plain water for a week or so and that would be a safe bet for harvest time if you don't have a loupe, but it's no guarantee.

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