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Long term of effects of cannabis use need to be considered, expert war

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The long term effects of cannabis use are largely unknown and need to be addressed should Australia look to liberalise cannabis laws in the future, a Brisbane substance expert warns.

University of Queensland Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research professor Wayne Hall, a major contributor to a recent World Health Organisation report on non-medical cannabis use, said the report found one in 10 people who used cannabis became dependant, with that number increasing to one in three for daily users.

http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/content/dam/images/g/m/m/q/1/7/image.related.articleLeadwide.620x349.gnllbv.png/1458215371832.jpg The long term effects of cannabis use are largely unknown. Photo: Rohan Thomson

The report also noted cannabis was associated with negative outcomes including early school-leaving, increased risk of depression, the potential to lead to other drug use as well as the onset of schizophrenia at a younger age.

Professor Hall noted there were six "priority areas" that needed to be addressed for long term cannabis use and said while it was a "fair prediction" that cannabis use would turn out to be less harmful than say alcohol or tobacco, about which a great deal was known, it needed to be understood.

http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/content/dam/images/g/n/l/l/j/5/image.related.articleLeadNarrow.300x0.gnllbv.png/1458215371832.jpg University of Queensland Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research professor Wayne Hall. Photo: Anjanette Webb

"I think the important thing that comes out of the report is that there is a downside to cannabis use and we have identified some of those harms but what is less certain are the longer term consequences of using the drug daily over a period of decades," he said.

"Most of what we know about are the effects of acute use, if people combine smoking cannabis with driving a car, we know it increases the risk of traffic accidents.



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Blah blah blah.  Another study paid for by the Government i bet..  As long as they can pretend to find a problem with cannabis they can justify having total control over it..


These people are meant to be educated but they treat society like village idiots.. Sure, abusing anything can be bad for you, especially at a young age. We already know that. why do we need a study to say kids should not be getting stoned all the time.. Do we need a study to say that kids under 18 should not abuse alcohol or is that just fuching obvious?  Kids shouldn't abuse alcohol but they do and its available if they try hard enough   Even easier easier for kids to get cannabis these days so the only way to make that harder is to stop criminal gangs and drug dealers by regulating cannabis for adults.  And lets not blame a substance just because someone abused it, everything is ok in moderation.  Kids will abuse anything if they are given a chance.


How many harmful addictive substances does this government control and profit from?   How many deaths each year from abuse of these substances?


Its a pitty we don't regulate sugar and fast food so our kids don't abuse them and become obese and diabetic with heart problems, then die early.    we don't seem to be blaming sugar and fast food but more so the people who abuse it. So why blame cannabis. the only reason kids abuse it is because its so easily available to them on the black market. just like fast food and soft drinks on every corner.

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Leads to other drugs use. Could that be because cannabis has and will be determined as one of the 'soft'est drugs in the illicit drug market? In most instances would kids/adolescents who hadn't consumed liquor drink a bottle of tequila or a bottle of beer first. There is no legitimate evidence that suggests it is a 'gateway' drug at all; great efforts to prove this have always fallen short. No respected scientific data suggests so anyway.....


an "increased risk of depression", could that be because cannabis is used for its anti-depressant properties ? The diagnosis of which occurred after having consumed cannabis ? Correlation doesn't necessarily determine causation. Merely statistical analysis to determine the safety of cannabis is simply not sufficient by any means, not very scientific lol....


When an expert has spent many years warning the population of the dangers of any substance they often will defend their views and conceptions sometimes to their death, vehemently.... This is one of the major flaws in science - when 'experts' cant recognise current scientific data, peer-reviewed studies that challenge their ill-conceived paradigms.... Objectivity is the true nature of science, not biased views.




Besides, science is simply a model.... it attempts to deal with truths when its merely an interesting depiction of the current and evolving understandings of the human race, of collective human consciousness....

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They can go and get FUCKED, i watched my father fight stage 4 lung cancer, no treatment except try some chemo which was useless as tits on a bull and even though he was told it was all over he still refused to try cannabis because it was illegal, still cant get my head around it when there are soooo many anecdotal stories about this plant and all of its wares curing people of stage 4 cancers, It's fucking criminal and it will haunt me and  spur me on until my dying days.

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